Komaram Bheem’s bust size statue being given final touches for the death anniversary event on Tuesday

Death anniversary today

Adilabad: Seventy-five years ago, Komaram Bheem, who stood for the Adivasis’ rights over Jal, Jungle, Jameen, was assassinated by Nizam rulers after he became a nightmare for them in Adilabad. Even after so many years, the ideals of Adivasis’ leader are yet to be fulfilled in the agency area. Adivasis demand the government to keep Jal, Jungle, Jameen under the control of Adivasis.

In a bid to assuage the feelings of the tribals, the Telangana State Government is officially observing the death anniversary of Komaram Bheem on October 27 at Jode Ghat in Kerimeri mandal in Adilabad district. It would be attended by Ministers K Taraka Rama Rao, Jogu Ramanna and Indrakaran Reddy.

When Komaram Bheem was barely 15 years old his father was killed by forest officials for asserting Adivasis’ rights. After his father’s death, his family migrated to Surdhapur village. Young Komaram Bheem was agitated over his father’s cold-blooded murder.

He was annoyed when the atrocities against the tribal families by the forest officials increased manifold. Above all, the Nizam government levied cess on the tribal people when they graze their cattle in the forest areas. The forest officials forcibly collected this cess from Adivasis. The landlords had even taken away the Podu cultivable land from Adivasis. They had also levied heavy cess on the grain cultivated by them.

Komaram Bheem launched a massive agitation against the Nizam government in protest against the atrocities on the tribal population. He started guerrilla warfare against Nizam army.

Komaram Bheem resented the illegal cess on Podu cultivation which was a right of the Adivasis. Bheem brought the Adivasis together and waged war against Nizam army. 

As part of the war, Siddique, a landlord, who grabbed the Adivasis’ land in Surdhapur village, was hacked to death. The guerrilla army of Bheem attacked a number of landlords and killed them. Komaram Bheem claimed that Jal, Jungle, Jameen belonged to only Adivasis and the Nizam has no right over here. Making Jode Ghat the centre of his activities, Bheem continued his guerrilla war from 1928 to 1940.
Unable to stop his movement, the Nizam army attacked Komaram Bheem’s headquarters on October 19, 1940 with the help of a covert, Kurdhu Patel at Jode Ghat forest and eleven Adivasi leaders, including Komaram Bheem were killed. Adivasis observe the death anniversary of Komaram Bheem every year on Aswayuja Powrnami which falls on October 27 this year.
The Government is also following the same tradition. As part of the movement to keep the Komaram Bheem spirit alive, the Government is setting up a museum in his name at Jode Ghat area in Kerimeri mandal. The museum would contain the history of Adivasis and their traditions.
Welcome arches are being built with the slogans of Jal, Jungle, Jameen belong to Adivasis. In addition to this, efforts are being made to develop Jode Ghat a tourist spot in 85 acres at an estimated cost of Rs 25 crore, including cottages, swimming pools among other facilities.