Union Minister Venkaiah presents HMTV Business Excellence Awards-2017

Hyderabad: The Narendra Modi-led NDA government is committed to encourage business and industrial sectors as the creation of wealth is imperative for the country’s development, Union Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation M Venkaiah Naidu said.

Speaking after presenting the HMTV Business Excellence Awards-2017 at a glittering ceremony here on Saturday, Naidu, who also handles Information and Broadcasting Ministry, said it was not the government’s business to do business. “The responsibility of the government is to undertake welfare measures, create infrastructure and help businesses generate wealth,” he observed.

HMTV, a flagship media channel from Hyderabad Media House, which also publishes an English daily ‘The Hans India,’ has felicitated prominent businessmen Dr Rameshwar Rao Jupally, founder and Chairman of My Home Group, and Ramachandra Naidu Galla, founder of the Amara Raja Group of companies, with lifetime achievement award, while 25 companies received awards in 13 categories.

In his speech, Venkaiah Naidu also refuted the allegations made by the Opposition that the Modi government was hobnobbing with business leaders. “It is not our government that created Ambani and Adani. They have been there for many years. But, we believe in supporting the growth of businesses,” he maintained.

Appreciating Hyderabad Media House’s initiative on honouring businessmen, Naidu further said: “Previous governments focused on business and neglected social welfare. Most of the public sector companies became sick and lot of public money was lost in such ventures. 

Earlier governments failed to provide basic amenities to the people. Government’s role is to ensure good governance. Modi sarkar is keen on reform, perform and transform the nation. Despite global economy slowdown, India is progressing because of Modi government’s performance.”

Highlighting the importance of business in the national economy, Naidu further said youth should explore the available opportunities in the country. “Wealth creation and employment generation are possible by businessmen and industrialists. Real happiness lies in making others happy, he said, while noticing that unhealthy competition in the media is resulting in unnecessary speculation,” he said. Competition is good, but quality and reliability of news should be maintained. Media should reflect the real society, he added.    

Reiterating the positive impact of demonetisation drive by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Naidu said that note ban mission brought entire black money into numerous bank accounts across the country.  As many as 35 crore new bank accounts have been opened under Jan Dhan programme and this not only gave poor people bank access, but also brought them into digital economy, said Naidu.

Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, who also participated in the event, said Modi government was amalgamating 44 labour laws into just four codes. Highlighting the initiatives taken by Modi government in labour reforms, Dattatreya said that two codes on key labour laws will be tabled in next Parliament session. 

“Previous government ignored the labour laws. The 50-year-old labour laws are outdated. Our Modi-led government is working on amalgamating 44 laws into just four codes. They include codes on wages, industry relations, social security, and working conditions and safety are under active consideration. However, two codes on wages and industry relations, I hope, to be cleared in the next Parliament session.” 

Appreciating industrialists for creating more jobs, Dattatreya said that working for a social cause is also important. “Efforts can only deliver success. Our government is encouraging businessmen as part of Make In India, Digital India and Skill India programmes. 

Businessmen are key part of these initiatives. Prime Minister is keen on employment generation. It’s estimated that 45 crore youngsters will hit the domestic and overseas markets by 2030. So employment generation is very important for the nation. Our labour law reforms will be in this direction,” he added.

Dr Rameshwar Rao Jupally, a lifetime award recipient, says that the recognitions like HMTV award will give a lot of inspiration to young entrepreneurs. “Industrialists should also focus on social responsibility,” he said.

Commitment and hard work will definitely reward the person, says Ramachandra Naidu Galla, another lifetime award recipient, while adding that without rural development, India can’t grow. Recalling the initial days of Amara Raja Batteries, Galla said Tirupati was like a village in those days. “We trained local youth and brought in global technology. We focus on three factors—technology transformation, marketing and people’s transformation.”