Dy CM holds review meeting on Wakf properties

Dy CM holds review meeting on Wakf properties

Deputy Chief Minister (Revenue) Mohammed Mahmood Ali on Thursday held a review meeting on Wakf properties in Telangana State.

Hyderabad: Deputy Chief Minister (Revenue) Mohammed Mahmood Ali on Thursday held a review meeting on Wakf properties in Telangana State.

The meeting was attended by Wakf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem, Advisor to TS Govt A.K. Khan, Minorities Welfare Department Secretary Syed Omer Jaleel, Wakf Board CEO Mannan Farooqi and other officials.

The agenda points included status of grant-in-aid to Wakf board for the last three years, appointment of staff, development of Wakf properties on lease, reconciliation of Wakf data with revenue department, details of rents on Wakf complexes, follow-up action on Wakf Survey Commissioner, etc.

Providing clarifications to the agenda various points Wakf Board CEO said that district wise details of segregation of Wakf properties in 31 districts has been completed for which staff has been deployed to pursue with District Collectors on entry of the same in revenue records. The Deputy CM directed the Wakf Board to constitute teams in each district comprising of Inspector Auditor, along with 2-3 other staff and to appoint three Flying squads comprising of Senior staff of Wakf boards (one squad for 10 districts) who would provide overall supervision to the district teams.

He also directed the Wakf Board CEO to organize one day centralized training program for these district teams for which senior officials from Revenue department will be roped in to enlighten them on the process to be followed in filling of complete claims of ownership for mutation into revenue records with regard to the Wakf lands, during the ongoing re-survey under taken by the Revenue department.

On the proposal from the Secretary, Minority Welfare, the Deputy CM agreed to consider the proposal of hiring 25-50 retired persons from office of Wakf Survey Commissioner, for the above purpose and hiring of vehicles for each district team to be used while conducting survey of Wakf lands in the field.

With regard to the status of the receiving and release of grant-in-aid to the State Wakf Board, from the year 2014-15 to 2017-18 a total of Rs.37 Crores has been released of which till date Rs.22.30 crores has been spent on various budgetary items of Wakf Board and there is a balance of Rs.14.70 crores with the board. On which Wakf Board CEO clarified that the said balance has been kept to make payments of Honorarium to imams and mouzans, which could not be done due to incomplete furnishing of details like IFSC codes, account numbers, etc by the individuals. Secretary, minority welfare informed that due to various reasons the grant-in-aid matter will be directly dealt by the Director Minority welfare.

On the allegations of appointment of staff in the Wakf board without permission, the Deputy CM clarified that the matter will be considered only after the CEO furnishes a detail, comprehensive report on the same with classification of staff recruited, qualifications, etc. He also assured the staff those already appointed and working in the Wakf board that after receiving the report a favourable decision in the interest of the staff will be taken.

With regard to the demand, collection and balance of the last years, the Deputy CM asserted that as against the current monthly expenditure of Rs.80 lakhs by the Wakf board to run its day to day operations, income is just Rs.30 lakhs with a deficit of Rs.50 lakhs every month, the Wakf board needs to put all its efforts to overcome this situation.

On the request of CEO Wakf Board for financial support from the government from the grant-in-aid to overcome the above deficit, Secretary, Minority Welfare clarified that for the purpose of payment of salaries, additional funds from the grant-in-aid cannot be approved as per the Act.

Responding to this, the Deputy CM reasserted the need to increasing the income of Wakf board from the rentals of wakf properties, etc so as to meet this situation.

On the approval of proposed recruitment of 345 posts in different categories which was submitted by the Wakf Board CEO to the Government, Advisor, Minority Welfare suggest to relook and prepare a fresh proposal in a more scientific manner and suggested to include vigilance and enforcement teams of police officers for better protection of the Wakf properties on the lines of HMDA, GHMC, etc. He also advised to create an internal vigilance department with the involvement of police personnel having experience in ACB, Vigilance enforcement, etc. He also stressed to look into the financial implications before proposing the cadre strength in the Wakf Board.

With regard to the rental of Wakf complex in the districts The Deputy CM directed the CEO to submit a detail report on the list of Mulgis in each complex, rental being charged and received, name of the allotee and actual person in possession of the mulgi’s, rental period etc. He expressed his anguish that inspite of the Wakf board having complexes in prime areas the revenue generated is very low and suggested for overhauling the process of leasing and collection of rentals on the basis of existing rates. Wakf Board CEO was directed to submit the above report within 15 days of this meeting.

Looking at the number of issues relating to the Wakf complex and its rentals, the Deputy CM, suggested the officials to organize a separate meeting to discuss the issue for resolving the long pending issues.

The Deputy CM directed the Secretary, Minority Welfare to conduct enquiry into the alleged process of granting permission to individuals on various contracts at famous Darghas without following tender process and submit a report for further action on the same.

The proposed review meeting of Wakf Board Standing Committee to be held today was postponed to October 21.

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