TRS invincible: MP K Kavitha

TRS invincible: MP K Kavitha

Nizamabad MP and an important functionary of Telangana Rashtra Samiti TRS K Kavitha on Wednesday exuded confidence that her party would win the elections to Telanagana Assembly hands down, whenever they are held


Hyderabad: Nizamabad MP and an important functionary of Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) K Kavitha on Wednesday exuded confidence that her party would win the elections to Telanagana Assembly hands down, whenever they are held.

“There is no doubt our party would romp home with convincing majority. We have in fact no opposition. There is only one party which is there, but it is quite far away from us. It is called Congress,” Kavitha said, refusing to attach any importance to the grand-old party.

In an informal chat, she said, all the surveys done so far point to the fact that the TRS landslide victory was only waiting to happen for the second time. She binned the argument that anti-incumbency factor might throw a spanner in the TRS’s endeavour to march to power for the second time. “In case of TRS, there is no anti-incumbency. Even if it is there it might be in a very few constituencies and KCR knows how to deal with it.

We are not worried at all,” she said when pointed out that if the Congress lost the Karnataka Assembly election, it was because of this factor. “The Congress has no locus-standi in Telangana. Being in the Opposition, it should have played a constructive role.

But it had been trying to derail the development projects taken up by the TRS government. Take for instance Kaleshwaram Project. Why should it create hurdles by filing cases in courts?” the Nizmabad MP asked.

The MP, referring to the Pragati Nivedana Sabha, scheduled on Sept 2 at Kongara Kalan on Hyderabad outskirts, said that it was intended to explain to the people what the ruling party had done for them during the last four-and-a-half years. She, however, refused to admit that the public meeting for which the party has been claiming that attendance would be not less than 25 lakh, was a precursor to the announcement of dissolution of Assembly, paving the way for early elections.

Kavitha was categorical that the Congress would bite the dust. In fact, the TRS saw no opposition and efforts by the Opposition to join hands did not bother TRS much as the development is a matter of no consequence. “If the Congress strikes an alliance with the TDP, what would happen? The TDP for all practical purposes, does not exist in Telangana,” she said.

For all questions on early elections, the only answer from her was a smile. She did not commit herself to saying when the elections are likely to be held and whether the Chief Minister intended to move to Delhi after passing on the baton to his son KTR or to herself. As far as elections are concerned, the party has decided to be ready whenever they are held. It is the Chief Minister who has to take a call on whether to go in for early elections or not. “I have no knowledge of any move to hold elections to the state Assembly early,” she said.

The Chief Minister’s daughter was equally evasive on whether the TRS was treating the BJP as its friend or a foe. If KCR is getting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appointment just for the asking, she said she did not know why. “KCR was meeting the Prime Minister and was making representations to him on the issues related to the state as many of the promises made at the time of the division of the state are still not kept,” she said and added that if the Chief minister was meeting PM frequently, it had nothing to do with politics. Each time KCR met the Prime Minister, the issues that he had raised related to the state and nothing else.

She also dismissed as figment of media’s imagination that the TRS was moving closer to the BJP. “I do not know anything of the sort,” she said and did not want to make a comment on reports that this time, TRS wants to leave a few seats for the BJP to win by fielding weak candidates. She countered the question asking: “What reports? Where did they originate?”

The Nizamabad MP refused to comment whether the TRS which dubbed Modi as fascist in the past still held the same view. Her reply was only a smile and as an after-thought she replied tersely that she was not ready to make any comment.

On whether the Federal Front initiative has fizzled out because the TRS was cosying up to BJP and also because of the presence of the Congress, the big brother in the national alliance in the making as it is the principal rival to the TRS in the state, Kavitha merely stated the official line that the federal front initiative was still on and that KCR was working on it.

On whether KCR was not very happy over Mamata Banerjee seizing the initiative in the formation of the alliance, the Nizamabad MP said it was all hogwash and that TRS had excellent relations with not only Trinamool Congress but also other Opposition parties.

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