BCs demand quota in promotions
BCs demand quota in promotions

  • Krishnaiah says BC employees constitute to only 8% in the high-ranking officials
  • BCs constitute to only 16% in central government jobs
  • questions the reasoning behind the EBC reservations
Musheerabad: BC Welfare Association demanded reservations in promotions for BC employees in state and central governments. Speaking at an association meeting here at BC Bhavan on Sunday, R Krishnaiah, national president of BC Welfare Association, said that BC employees constitute to only 8 per cent in the high-ranking officials. 

At the central level, BCs constitute to only 16 per cent, even after 71 years of the nation’s independence, he lamented. It is clear from statistics that BCs were not properly represented in both central and state governments, indicating the injustice done to the backward communities, he said. 

While failing to do justice to BCs, the upper castes, who keep educational, social, economic and political fields under their control, are being given 10 per cent reservations in the guise of their economic status, he said. 

He questioned as to on what basis the reservations are being given to economical poor upper caste people. What is the scientific basis for the reservations, when the upper caste people are dominating every system, he questioned. 

Quoting a survey that upper caste people constitute to 64 per cent in executive jobs in private sector, and 95 per cent in overall jobs in private sector, he questioned the reasoning behind the EBC reservations.
Stating that the reservations have always been a sensitive issue, Krishnaiah said that reservations on the basis of the population could only be the permanent solution for the issue. 

Condemning vote politics, he said that the parties which run on foundation of principles should not engage themselves in such vile politics.

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