International Conference on Small Satellites and Systems

International Conference on Small Satellites and Systems

Hyderabad: Society for Small Satellites and Systems (SSSS) and the Sensors Research Society (SRS) is jointly holding an International Conference on Small Satellites and Systems (ICSS), in association with Research Centre Imarat (RCI) at Hyderabad from February 7-9. The inaugural event on Thursday  was graced by Satish Chandra Jha, Chairman, National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), Dr G Satheesh Reddy, Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, DRDO, Dr PS Goel, ISRO Honorary Professor, Dr Avinash Chander, President Sensors Research Society, Dr Koteshwara Rao, President, SSSS, MSR Prasad, DG, Missiles and Strategic Systems, BHVS Narayana Murthy, Director, RCI and many other distinguished luminaries.

Addressing the conference, Dr Satheesh Reddy said, “Advancements in technologies like propulsion, electronics, MEMS, structures, and payloads are enabling significant reduction in the size, cost, and weight of satellites. Small Satellites is a disruptive technology for space industries. The modest facilities needed to design and build small satellites boosted innovative startups. Small Satellites will bring in a new revolution in the world and network of space borne sensors will lead us towards Internet of Satellites in future.

Small satellite driven missions have changed our approach towards the earth observation and the Space Wide Web will pave the way for Internet of Space Things (IoSTs).” “We need to explore the technical issues, development considerations, emerging opportunities and address quality, reliability issues and if we are not conscious, small satellites revolution will only remain as single shot opportunities and add up to space debris as well, he added.”

For significant contributions to Indian Defence and Aerospace, Dr Satheesh Reddy was conferred with the Honorary Fellowship of Sensors Research Society. Satish Chandra Jha, IPS (Retd) and Chairman, National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) complimented RCI and during his Chief guest address, said, “Small satellites are playing an important role in space applications. They are faster to build, cost effective and better packaged due to use of latest technologies. 

Small satellite platforms can be adapted for optical, IR, thermal and radar imaging (micro-SAR) remote sensing with good resolution. ELINT platforms in triplets can also be built around small satellite buses and an appropriate constellation of ELINT and imaging satellites (inclined orbits) can provide 24x7 surveillance of dynamic targets. I am sure that the professionals from Research institutes, industry and universities will bring out their novel ideas and R&D work related to small satellites.”

Dr PS Goel, Dr Raja Ramanna Chair Professor, NIAS and former Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences was the guest of honour. While addressing the scientific fraternity Dr Goel said, “Space is generally understood complex, multidisciplinary and difficult technology. Generally, when we come across difficult and precision, we call it Rocket science and leave it. Small satellite as a concept is reverse of the above concept, it enables not so professionals to take space activity as risks in small satellites are less. This conference is about “de-mystifying Space”.

For his sustained lifetime contributions to Space systems and technologies, Dr PS Goel was conferred with the Lifetime Achievement Award.BHVS Narayana Murthy, Director, RCI welcomed all the delegates and said, “The scientific capabilities in universities and industries need to be integrated. This is the right forum to examine the trends, opportunity and possible collaboration. 

More than 30 International experts and 700 delegates from various R&D organizations academic institutions, industries are participating in this conference. The conference will witness three keynote addresses being delivered by Prof Guglielmo Aglietti, Director, Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey, Dr PS Goel and renowned Cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov.

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