Moisturise, the right way

Moisturise, the right way

The cold outdoors and heated interiors make for a onetwo punch that leaves skin prone to dryness Here are few tips that you can follow

The cold outdoors and heated interiors make for a one-two punch that leaves skin prone to dryness. Here are few tips that you can follow

Skip the hot shower
Few things feel better than a steaming hot shower on a cold day. Your skin disagrees. Super hot water dries it out to no end. Give it a lukewarm shower, and if you use soap, make sure it is all natural and the most gentle one you can find.

Employ staples to exfoliate
You can buy an expensive jar of salt or sugar scrub to exfoliate – which removes dead skin cells and creates fresh skin that is more easily able to absorb moisturizers – or you can quickly whip up some all-natural formulas in your kitchen for pennies. . Moisturize while damp

Whatever your moisturizing routine, do it when you’re fresh from the shower or bath – lotions are designed to lock in moisture, so make their job easier by using them when your skin is at its most moist.

Douse yourself with milk
Who needs lotion when you have milk in the fridge? If you’re feeling itchy, pour a bowl of milk, dip a washcloth in it and apply it to your skin for five minutes. Milk is soothing and its lactic acid is great for skin.

Try the overnight express
When skin is particularly dry, this treatment can't be beat. Take a long, tepid bath before bed; long enough that your toes and fingers begin to wrinkle. Pat yourself dry and immediately coat yourself in oil

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