Lakshmi Narayana has no Facebook account

Lakshmi Narayana has no Facebook account

Former Joint Director of CBI Lakshmi Narayana Has No Facebook Account, IMPACT 2013-2014. The former joint director of CBI, Lakshmi Narayana addressed...

Lakshmi Narayana has no Facebook accountHyderabad: The former joint director of CBI, Lakshmi Narayana addressed a mass gathering at a seminar on Youth and the nation hosted by the Impact Foundation on Monday at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan in Secunderabad. He said he is frequently asked a question whether he has any Facebook account; and said he does not have any Facebook account. Further, he said he only has a face and books, and does not know whether there are males or females in those books. He advised the youth not to spend more time on Facebook and viewed it as mere wastage of time.
He said even now he uses only a Nokia mobile phone worth rupees 1000/-. He delivered an inspirational speech on the dais of Hari Hara Kala Bhavan. During the speech, he praised Japan to lead the world in Technology, even after being attacked by nuclear bombs in the past. He held the youth of Japan responsible for the nation’s success.
He said India was known for its technological supremacy and said the same is not true these days. He urged the youth to contribute their best towards the nation, without thinking what the nation has given to them. He asked the youth to think what they have given to the nation rather than questioning what the nation has given to them. He advised the youth to concentrate more on spiritual aspects and said spirituality only means knowing self. He said one needs to practice Yoga, Meditation and prayers to know self.
He said self realization will make an individual capable of rejecting even rupees 100crore bribe. He viewed only the rich people’s involvement in the financial crimes; and said the intention is to become richer and the richest, ultimately. With youth only, he said, the society will become corruption free.
He opted a unique way of delivering speech. Instead of focusing on normal template format of speech, he made the speech a dynamic one and involved youth to debate the issues, in between. More hands were lifted when he posed a question that how many of the audiences have been ever involved in such noble acts like organ donation, blood donation etc.
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