What is the future of Kodi?

What is the future of Kodi?

Kodi was the top trending news in the streaming world. After received back to back strike due to copyright infringements, Kodi users ended up...

Kodi was the top trending news in the streaming world. After received back to back strike due to copyright infringements, Kodi users ended up searching for other alternatives. The shutdown of Ares wizard and the past strike by ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) was one of the biggest threat to the Kodi enthusiasts. The ACE had sent a cease letters to famous Kodi add-on developers of TV Add-ons, Neptune rising, Noobs and nerds, Spinztv, etc… As a result, some of the developers had closed their project. And some developers had even signed agreements. At that point, Kodi users were uncertain about the Kodi future. Since Kodi is an open source software and its streaming sources remain untouched, hopefully, many new kodi add-ons are expected to rule the Kodi in near future.

TV Add-ons bounced back!

TV Add-ons had launched its own Github browser add-on a couple months back. Until GitHub and streaming sources are publically available, nothing can stop the development of Kodi add-ons. Most of the add-ons were developed using python and uploaded to GitHub. So even after the shutdown of the repositories, they still work fine. This new feature enables Kodi users to directly install add-ons from the developer's Github user account. If the ACE reports certain user accounts, they keep coming back with different names.

The rise of Kodi Builds

Kodi builds are the best replacement for add-ons. Builds are nothing but a customized version of Kodi. A set of add-ons are pre-installed in these kodi builds, so that the users can directly access the streaming sources. There will be no interference of add-ons or repositories. As long as streaming sources are live, it can directly stream the contents. That is the current scenario of Kodi. Recently some new builds are released, which can stream all the media in a single click.

Upcoming Add-ons

So far, they banned some of the existing add-ons only. They can't stop the developers from developing new add-ons. Since the developers know the loopholes, it is not a big deal for them to create some unique add-ons. These add-ons are expected to stream the contents directly from the private sources. These add-ons can be linked to GitHub and other private streaming sources. It will lead to the new world of Kodi.

Most of the existing add-ons are bounced back and working perfectly fine. Some of the add-ons are linked to other repositories, which will act as a backup repo. In case if the main repo goes down, the add-ons keep working. Day by day new add-ons are developed and deployed. It's tedious for the user to keep track of these add-ons. Here we found a list of 100 Best Kodi add-ons that actually works.

Why Kodi?

This question has been eating Kodi users since the day of copyright infringement occurred. When there is lots of sources and site available out there, which streams the same content. Why is everyone targeting Kodi? To know that, we have to dig ACE history. In simple terms, ACE is the committee consists of Amazon, Netflix, HBO, BBC and lot more. These companies are the monopoly in the streaming industry. In order to bring down Kodi and its user base, these strikes will continue. At the time of strike on Ares Wizard, it roughly has 100 million active users. Entertainment is a huge industry, and these types of issues are common. We can expect lots of such strikes on Kodi in the future. But no matter what Kodi will bounce back, for its users.

After all this action, still, the user base of Kodi us growing. Moreover, this copyright infringement made Kodi much popular than before. Its user base keeps increasing day by day. And luckily, this issue changed nothing. Still, everything is same among the Kodi users and Kodi community. Though the add-ons we used to stream had changed, Kodi always has undying support from its user.

Is Kodi down?

What will happen, when Kodi is completely down? It won't happen so suddenly. But already lots of new are developed, and hundreds of sites are available to watch the same content. In the worst case scenario, if the Kodi is down. These apps and sites may take over the market. These are the future predictions of Kodi based on the last issue and the reactions of Kodi developers and community.

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