List of Best ICOS Which Might Make You a Millionaire

List of Best ICOS Which Might Make You a Millionaire

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs have recently gained a lot of attention Individuals have responded by investing in the ICOs However, not all ICOs can...

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs have recently gained a lot of attention. Individuals have responded by investing in the ICOs. However, not all ICOs can make your investment profitable. Some may give you losses; other may be less profitable and other might make you a millionaire. It depends on where you invest. Therefore, having a list of best ICOs can be a useful tool to help in deciding on where to invest. I will provide a list of best ICOs that can offer your great returns.

TON (Telegram Open Network)

Ton has shown its ability to solve common problems facing cryptocurrencies. It offers one of the best scalability as well as speed. Investing in ton can make one became a millionaire so quickly due to its design. It contains an active user base. It holds over 180 million users as per now. One can utilize its interface efficiently. Ton has been an alternative to the decentralized economy. Operating with Ton one is guaranteed maximum security of their token. The transaction is done through the wallets hence one can protect and expand their investment. It approaches a third chain network.

Cointed Token

Cointed operates by bridging the real world and the cryptocurrency world. It offers ATM services for the Bitcoins. Investing in COINTED can turn into a millionaire because of its trusted dealings. It has numerous products which entail bitcoin trading, green mining and multicurrency ATMS among other payment solutions. It converts cryptocurrency to fiat currency and vice versa. It exposes one to many opportunities thus increasing the chances of becoming a millionaire. The possibilities are enhanced by the integration of in-app security and pin code for security. COINTED has safe and sound management and tech.


Envion integrates solar power, high-tech mining as well as the global community in its operations. It aims at establishing a substantially profitable crypto mining structure. One is likely to be a millionaire by working with Envion since it is sustainable. It maximizes on being available, affordable and efficient. It solves great challenges in the crypto industry especially in prices and environmental influence. It integrates blockchain which is an indicator of high returns. It has house-made software which interconnects the Envion miners globally. Besides, it has a patent-protected tech. Investing with Envion with a proper understanding of how it operates one can end up being a millionaire.

These are exceptional ICOs to invest in 2018 which might not only give you high returns but also make you a millionaire. It is vital to understand that there are risks associated with the crypto investment. Therefore, having a broad understanding of the ICO is essential to becoming that millionaire.

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