Pensioners can submit life certificate online, know-how

Pensioners can submit life certificate online, know-how

In 2014 the government had made a provision, to allow pensioners to submit life certificates online.

Every year, in November, pensioners from all over India must submit a life certificate that proves that they are still alive. They are eligible to claim the pension of different government agencies. To submit this life certificate, pensioners must visit the bank or other physically designated pension disbursement branches.

This is difficult for many pensioners who stay away from their children in another city. They have to travel back to their hometown during November to do this.

Bearing in mind these things, in 2014, the government had made a provision, to allow pensioners to submit life certificates online. But very few pensioners are aware of this. Please remember the online process is preferred by the government and the bank branch as well.

Follow this process of sending a life certificate online without visiting the bank branch.

1) You should find the nearest CSC or designated Jeevan Pramaan centre where you are staying. To find out you can visit and click on "Locate a centre". Instead, you can send a text message to know about the centre.

Enter "JPL" with your PIN code at 7738299899. "For example, JPL 110003 and send it to 7738299899".

2) After you locate the nearest CSC centre, visit the centre with the pensioner's Aadhaar card, the PPO file or the PPO file number and the bank's pension account book.

As per the Jeevan Pramaan website, the information needed is:

Aadhaar number, the name, the mobile phone number, the PPO number, the pension account number, the bank details, the name of the pension sanctioning authority, the pension disbursement authority, etc.

3) While visiting the CSC centre, the pensioner must provide the Aadhaar number along with the PPO number and other personal details to the operator who will enter this information in the JeevanPramaan Application.

4) To authenticate and generate the life certificate, the pensioner needs to scan his fingerprint and opt for a retinal scan. This is a standard biometric authentication based on Aadhaar.

5) Once the biometric authentication is done, the pensioner will get a Pramaan identification from the JeevanPramaan system. This identification is the digital life certificate of the pensioner.

6) Pramaan ID is also sent to the phone number registered by SMS. The pensioner needs no other action. This identification will be automatically forwarded to the issuing authority of your pension and the life certificate verification process will be completed.

In case you want to download a copy of the digital life certificate, you can use the Praman ID generated in the centre to download it by visiting:

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