Android 12 to come to Moto phones in 2022; Find eligible phones list

Android 12 to come to Moto phones in 2022

Android 12 to come to Moto phones in 2022


Motorola has listed 30 smartphones that are eligible to receive the Android 12 update. Motorola has not shared an exact timeline for these updates to reach eligible smartphones.

Motorola has announced the official list of smartphones to be updated to Android 12 in the coming months, two months after Google rolled out the update to eligible Pixel smartphones. As per the company, 30 smartphones will receive the update. In addition, many of Motorola's smartphones receive an Android version update, which means that this will be the only major update coming to these phones. However, Motorola has not shared an exact timeline for these updates to reach eligible smartphones, and they could arrive in 2022.

The company posted the list of eligible devices on its blog and mentioned that the Android 12 update rollout would begin for eligible Motorola smartphones in February 2022. As per the official device list, Motorola Razr 5G and Razr 2020 will be updated to Android 12. Additionally, Motorola One 5G Ace and Motorola One 5G UW Ace will also get the update, along with Motorola Edge 20 Pro, Motorola Edge 20, Motorola Edge 20 Lite, Motorola Edge 20 Fusion, Motorola Edge (2021), Motorola Edge 5G UW, and Motorola Edge Plus.

Motorola's Moto G Series smartphones will also update Android 12. These include the recently released Moto G200 5G, Moto G71 5G, Moto G51 5G, Moto G41, Moto G31, Moto G100, Moto G60s, Moto G60, Moto G50, Motorcycle. G50 5G, Moto G40 Fusion, Moto G30, Moto G Power (2022), Moto G Pure, and Moto G Stylus 5G. Motorola also said that the Business Edition Moto G and Motorola Edge smartphones would also be updated to Android 12. Unfortunately, Moto G Power (2021) will not get the Android 12 update, even though it was released this year.

The Motorola smartphones listed above will be updated to Android 12, with the company's My UX skin running on top. Users will have access to the new conversation widget and changes to the design of the material you design in the system, including adapting the system colours to the wallpaper. Motorola's Android 12 update will also include the ability to customize font style and size, icon colours, shapes and designs, device sounds, and screen size, according to Motorola.

The Android 12 update for Motorola smartphones will also bring accessibility improvements, including better magnification, an additional dimmer feature, support for bold fonts, and more. In addition, users will also see security and privacy enhancements, including privacy indicators for the camera and microphone and coarse location permissions, and the Privacy Dashboard, as part of the Android 12 update for Motorola smartphones, according to the company.

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