Apple sets this MacBook Pro as a "Vintage Product"; Details

Apple sets this MacBook Pro as a Vintage Product; Details

Apple has designated the 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar legacy, ceasing repairs and updates. The divisive Touch Bar model was replaced in 2019, and its lack of updates limits its functionality despite being functional.

In July 2019, Apple discontinued the 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and introduced the 2019 MacBook Pro, with a Magic Keyboard, an expanded Touch Bar, and improved processors. The divisive Touch Bar feature was replaced in the following years and eventually phased out by Apple.

Recall that the initial launch of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar took place in June 2017. This version featured a reinvented keyboard equipped with butterfly switches, an integrated Touch Bar that runs along the top area of the keyboard, and a built-in Touch ID sensor.

For those who don't know, an older Apple product is characterized by the absence of regular software updates, unlike the iPhone, iPad or Mac, which receive software support for a minimum of five years. Older products do not receive updates, and Apple does not cover repairs or services.

As noted on its support page, Apple clarifies that products are classified as vintage if they stopped being sold more than 5 but less than 7 years ago. This distinction does not imply the cessation of functionality of the device; However, the lifespan is reduced when regular updates are unavailable to users.

Apple advises to note that no further software updates will be provided. While there are chances that Apple will update an older version of macOS that could be compatible with the 2017 MacBook Pro, it's not certain.

Meanwhile, Apple reportedly plans a major overhaul of its iPad Pro line in 2024, introducing the M3 Apple Silicon chipset and OLED displays. The new models will likely come in 11- and 13-inch sizes, potentially replacing the current 12.9-inch version. Apple may also improve the Magic Keyboard accessory. However, this information is not official until Apple confirms it.

The California-based tech giant aims to regain its position in the tablet market through the upcoming iPad Pro. While the iPad Pro has seen minor improvements in processing power, display quality, and camera capabilities Since 2018, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests that a substantial transformation could be on the horizon. Gurman's Power On newsletter highlights Apple's intentions to provide the iPad Pro with a significant update, potentially one of the biggest in over ten years.

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