Facebook to remove these fields from users' profiles; Check

Facebook bug is sending automatic friend requests

Facebook bug is sending automatic friend requests


Facebook to remove sexual preferences, religious views, political views, and addresses from users' profiles.

Facebook to remove various categories of information from user profiles. Your Facebook profile will no longer display your addresses, sexual preference, political or religious views. The Meta-owned social networking site quietly announced the changes, which will take effect on December 1.

Social media consultant Matt Navara first spotted the changes. Sharing the screenshots on Twitter, Navara wrote: "Facebook is removing religious views and 'interested in' info from profiles from December 1, 2022." Previously, Facebook had a whole column about people's preferences, religious and political views, and sexual preferences. People would spend hours filling out forms while creating their Facebook profiles, but now things are changing. Facebook is now sending notifications to users who have these fields filled out, informing them of the information that will be removed from their profiles.

"As part of our efforts to make Facebook easier to navigate and use, we're removing a handful of profile fields: Interested In, Religious Views, Political Views, and Address. We're sending notifications to people who have these fields filled out, letting them know these fields will be removed. This change doesn't affect anyone's ability to share this information about themselves elsewhere on Facebook," said Emil Vazquez, a Meta spokesperson.

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