Google Launches Gemini Mobile App in Hindi, Bengali, and 7 More Languages

Google Launches Gemini Mobile App in Hindi, Bengali, and 7 More Languages

Google introduces the Gemini mobile app in India, supporting Hindi, Bengali, and seven other Indian languages for enhanced user accessibility.

Google has officially launched its AI-powered Gemini mobile app in India, which is available for download on the Play Store. The app supports a range of languages, including English and nine Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Alongside these local languages, Google also incorporates these features into Gemini Advance and introduces new functionalities. Additionally, Gemini is now integrated into Google Messages in English.

The primary goal of supporting multiple Indian languages is to cater to India's diverse linguistic landscape and ensure broader accessibility for users. The Gemini app allows users to perform various tasks, such as planning events, creating recipes, and writing social media captions. Interaction with Gemini can be done through typing, speaking, or adding images, making it a versatile tool for users.

How to Use the Gemini App

For Android users, the Gemini app can be downloaded from the Play Store or accessed through Google Assistant. Users can activate Gemini by corner swiping, pressing the power button on select phones, or using the voice command "Hey Google." This integration is part of Google's plan to provide an overlay experience, ensuring easy access to Gemini's features. Despite its advanced AI capabilities, the app retains many voice functions from Google Assistant, including setting timers, making calls, and setting reminders. For iOS users, access to Gemini is being rolled out through the Google app. Users can interact with the AI assistant by tapping the Gemini toggle within the app.

Gemini Advanced Features

Google is also enhancing its Gemini Advance with support for Indian languages. The advanced version of Gemini includes several new features:

- Document Uploads: Users can upload multiple large documents, up to 1,500 pages total, or summarize numerous emails. This feature provides summaries, feedback, and actionable insights, which are useful for tasks like understanding rental agreements or comparing research papers.

- Data Analysis: Users can upload spreadsheets (Google Sheets, CSVs, Excel) for Gemini Advance to clean, analyze, and visualize data. The AI assistant can create interactive charts and graphs, making it a valuable tool for analyzing expenses or business sales.

Privacy and Safety Assurances

Google emphasizes the privacy and safety of its users. Files uploaded to Gemini remain private and are not used to train AI models, ensuring that user data is secure.

Gemini in Google Messages

In addition to the standalone app, Gemini is being integrated into Google Messages. Initially available in English on select devices, this feature allows users to collaborate with Gemini directly within the Messages app. Users can draft messages, brainstorm ideas, or plan events seamlessly within the app.

The launch of Gemini in India underscores Google's commitment to enhancing user experience by supporting multiple languages and integrating advanced AI features. This move aims to provide a more accessible and versatile tool for users across India's diverse linguistic landscape.

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