Google to stop Album Archive on July 19; All details




Google to stop Album Archive on July 19: The search giant is giving users some time to download their data before the service is discontinued entirely next month.

Google is stopping its Album Archive, giving users no control over this decision. The service served as a valuable platform for preserving chats, videos, and photos. But, the people who have been using it will now have to put it down and download their data.

"After July 19, 2023, the Google Album Archive won’t be available. Until then, you can use Takeout to download a copy of your Album Archive data. Album Archive lets you view and manage album content from some Google products within Album Archive. However, some content that’s only available in Album Archive will be deleted starting July 19. If you would like to access this data, please make a copy of this data," the tech giant announced in a blog post.

Previously, Google offered many popular apps, and Album Archive stood out as the ideal solution for protecting historical data. However, Google now plans to remove content available through Album Archive due to a service outage, so it urges users to take immediate steps to export and back up their data elsewhere.

Google notifies users of this news via email and encourages them to explore alternative resources to protect their data. The album archive outage will affect various content, including Hangouts chats, old background images that a user might have used in Gmail, album comments, and more.

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