iOS 16.3 update: Apple offers UI improvements and new security features

iOS 16.3 update: Apple offers UI improvements and new security features

Apple brings a new software update for iPhone. The iOS 16.3 update offers some new features and fixes that will improve the performance of your iPhone. Find details.

Apple released its latest software update, iOS 16.3, for iPhone. The new update brings fixes to the existing bugs and more features to improve the user interface and security to improve the performance of the iPhone. Features include security keys to add layers of protection and to upgrade to emergency SOS via satellite function for improved emergency alarm access. The new update follows the release of iOS 16.2. In addition, the new iOS 16.3 includes updates for iPadOS and Safari with the simultaneous release of previous versions of iOS.

Let's take a look at all the new features that came with iOS 16.3:

Security keys in Apple ID

With iOS 16.3, Apple has improved its security and allows users to use third-party security keys for their Apple ID instead of two-factor authentication. Like physical house keys, security keys are lock keys to protect your passwords. Protect confidential information and prevent unauthorized access. It also adds an extra layer of protection against phishing scams and hacking attempts. The new feature only works with FIDO Alliance-certified security keys.

Second-gen HomePod Support

Last month, Apple launched the second-generation HomePod, retailing for $299 (about 24,732). Now with the 16.3 updates, the company added software support for the device.

Black Unity Collection

As part of its Black Unity Collection, Apple has released a new iPhone wallpaper with the iOS 16.3 update. The collection includes wallpaper, a special-edition Apple Watch Black Unity Sport Loop, and a mosaic face.

SOS emergency call update

Apple's new software update also includes an update for its Emergency SOS feature via satellite. Users can now dial an emergency call by holding the side and volume buttons, triggering a countdown and alarm. Once the countdown is over, iPhone will automatically dial emergency services. Apple has also added a Call Quietly feature that allows users to dial emergency calls quietly without flashing lights or alarm sounds.

In addition to these important updates, Apple also fixed some issues that users noticed in the Freeform app, home screen, and more.

iOS 16.2 fixes bugs and issues

In addition to these major updates, Apple has also fixed some issues that users have noticed in the Freeform app and home screen.

- New update fixed missing drawing strokes on shared boards in Freeform and resolved the black wallpaper issue on the lock screen.

- Apple fixed the issue of temporary horizontal lines that appear when activating the iPhone 14 Pro Max; the inaccurate display of the home app status on the home lock screen widget.

- Apple has fixed the issue with Siri where the voice assistant was not responding correctly to music requests.

- Fixed another issue where Siri was not responding correctly to music requests.

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