Kudos to this Indore-based IT firm that supports work-life balance

Kudos to this Indore-based IT firm that supports work-life balance

An Indore-based IT company forces employees to go home once their shift ends and supports a healthy work-life balance.

Have you ever imagined that you would get to hear about this company that is against overwork? Those who have a job from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and are unrelated to work once their shift is over probably won't have that desire. But, people who have worked beyond their office working hours may be a bit surprised to learn that an Indore-based IT company is completely against their employees working beyond official shift hours.

An IT company in Madhya Pradesh called SoftGrid Computers supports healthy work-life balance and forces employees to go home once their shift ends. In a LinkedIn post, the company's Human Resources revealed that the system sends a reminder to employees, informing them of this policy and alerting them that their computer will shut down after 10 minutes if they don't go home or stop working.

"This is not a promotional and imaginary post. This is the reality of our office, SoftGrid Computers. My employer supports #WorkLifeBalance. They put this special Reminder, which locks my desktop after business hours and issues a warning," the employee said. HR also disclosedthat the company restricts official calls or emails outside business hours. This post has gone viral on LinkedIn.

The HR department explicitly mentioned that this is not a promotion and that people who want to have a healthy work-life balance can join this IT company. After this, the comments section was filled with various points of view and opinions. While many people expressed their support, some also expressed that it would be a bad idea because it would put a lot of pressure on employees to finish before the desktop or laptop crashes. Some also claimed that this healthy work-life balance policy would only work in fields that don't deal with anything technical.

"I would be so happy working here! More efficient and productive! This is better than attending 95 per cent of unscheduled meetings after 7:00 PM. No room for like at all," a LinkedIn user commented.

One of the LinkedIn users in the comment section also asserted that "it will be a source of joy for some, especially the lower level employees, but a source of immense pressure for others (mostly mid-level and senior level roles). I can imagine after a bunch of meetings I have to attend; I can't finish up important stuff because my laptop will shut down. It's too much pressure."

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