Man gets iPhone with fake a 'sticker' after ordering via Flipkart iPhone 11 Pro

Man gets iPhone with fake a sticker after ordering via Flipkart iPhone 11 Pro

Man has ordered iPhone 11 Pro via Flipkart but gets a fake one with a ‘sticker’

Man has ordered iPhone 11 Pro via Flipkart but gets a fake one with a 'sticker'

Another side of online shopping has scary incidents. In Bengaluru, a man has ordered the latest iPhone 11 pro through online shopping on Flipkart but he has got something else instead of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Read till the last word to know more about this online shopping incident:

Fake iPhone 11 Pro delivery with a 'sticker'

IBTimes has reported, a Bengaluru-based software engineer Rajani Kant Kushwah has ordered an iPhone 11 Pro via Flipkart and has paid the total amount after discount Rs. 93,900 in advance. He has done a prepaid order for this iPhone

But according to report he has received a 'fake' iPhone that had a sticker of the triple-camera module found on the iPhone 11 Pro instead of getting the iPhone 11 Pro. When he has removed the sticker, the iPhone appeared to be either the iPhone X or the iPhone XS. However, there was another surprise inside the iPhone.

Kushwah has tried to dig into the phone's settings, and he found out that the smartphone ran Android and was an iPhone clone with Android apps function.

When he got that the iPhone is fake, Kushwah contacted Flipkart and was assured that his fake iPhone will be replaced by a genuine one.

Does Flipkart have previous incidents like this?

Clearly, customers know that this isn't the first blunder by Flipkart. We have heard so many cases like this one in the past when an iPhone was ordered but it was never delivered.

Users either got soaps or bricks in place of the original product or it doesn't get delivered. A similar incident has come in news previously when a Kannur-based man has received a box of tiles instead of a camera.

On Flipkart, such incidents continue to take place, the e-commerce company should take more measures to end such cases and not lose his user trust as doing fraud is a big no in online shopping.

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