Mother's Day 2023: Delight your Mom and honour Mother Earth with eco-friendly goodies

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day


Here are a few eco-friendly gifts to delight your mom and treat Mother Earth with gentleness and respect.

On Mother's Day (May 14), it would be prudent to remember peace activist and spiritual thinker Thich Nhat Hanh's words, "You carry Mother Earth within you." He believed Mother Earth is not just our environment but a part of us and vice versa. She nourishes us unconditionally as our own mothers, and what would be better than honouring them both this Mother's Day?

Here are a few eco-friendly gifts that will delight your mom and also treat Mother Earth with gentleness and respect.

Plantable pens

Plastic pens create a lot of non-biodegradable waste, so gifting plantable and sustainable pens is the best alternative. They come with an assortment of seeds like spinach, coriander, marigold, or a wildflower mix, and once they run out of ink, they can be planted and will, in time, herald the sprouting of new blooms. You can personalize your gift by selecting your mother's favourite seeds and also adding a decorative planter with a personalized message.

Do-it-yourself soap kit

Do-it-yourself soap kits are wonderful gifts as they have natural and non-toxic ingredients, essential oils, and fragrances. You can avoid kits that have silicone moulds though they are longer lasting than plastic. While melting and pouring soaps, your creative mom can also add seeds, lemon rinds, ground coffee, or whole spices to the mix and enjoy a textured, fragrant bathing experience. Another big bonus is that natural soaps prevent groundwater contamination.


Plants and trees are a simple, sustainable, and inexpensive gift that keeps on giving. It not only purifies the air by reducing carbon dioxide and other toxic greenhouse emissions but also memorializes your special bond with your mom. A sheltering tree is a living and breathing tribute to your mother, to the roots she has given you, and the seeds she has planted in you to be a caring earth citizen. Thanks to, you can dedicate one or more trees to your mother from anywhere in the world, and you will be rewarded with an eTreeCertificate® as well. You can log on to their site and gift a tree with just one click!

Indoor gardening kit

Surprise your mother with an indoor gardening gift that she can use to cultivate her own little patch of green on the balcony or add more variety to her kitchen garden. A good indoor gardening kit comes with seed packs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers, soil discs, a wooden window planter, instruction cards, and herb clippers. With its help, your mom can grow herbs and then graduate to grow fresh vegetables for her cooking.

Sustainable yoga mats

Gift your mother a yoga mat made from natural rubber, cotton, jute, or cork. These environment-friendly mats are PVC-free, washable, and recyclable and do not land in ever-growing landfills. These mats also have a natural grip and traction, are safer, and prevent injuries. Cotton mats provide a cushioning effect and are also strong and durable. Since these mats have a longer life span, they can also be used longer.

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