BJP will win 90 Assembly & all MP seats: Bandi

State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar speaking to media persons in Hyderabad on Saturday

State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar speaking to media persons in Hyderabad on Saturday


Will win Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat

Hyderabad: Telangana State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar expressed confidence that BJP will win all the Lok Sabha and 90 Assembly segments seats whenever elections take place in Telangana.

Interacting with media persons here on Saturday, he said the party's national leadership focuses on all the Parliament seats as part of the Lok Sabha Pravas Yojana. Some surveys indicate BJP would get 39 per cent votes and 6 MP sets. But, "we know people pulse and see that the BJP would hoist its flag on all the MP seats," he added.

On the other, the people's anger towards TRS would make it only about 15 seats and the Congress party would lose its deposits and disseminate in the State. He said that people feel that even if they vote for the Congress the winners would eventually sell themselves to the TRS, as had happened earlier.

That apart, the Karimnagar MP said that his party is focusing on winning Hyderabad Lok Sabha's seat to free the people of Old City from the clutches of the AIMIM and Owaisis.

"We are going to win Old City. There is a misnomer that BJP has no strength in the Old City. But, Muslims in the Old City have realised that the AIMIM and Owaisis' are reasons for the backwardness and underdevelopmnt of the Old City. This is increasingly the point of discussion among even the Muslim voters of the Old City. They have begun to believe that the Metro rail to the Old City, companies trade and business like the new city is possible only with BJP."

Kumar said that it has become a routine for the AIMIM goons in the Old City to threaten whoever has a sticker of Lord Hanuman and RSS. Along with Hindus, everyone is taking a serious view of the atrocities of the AIMIM.

In the early elections, he said, the TRS MLAs realised that they cannot go to elections with the patriot of CM KCR. The TRS MLAs felt the heat when the people of the State strongly believe that the troubles faced by the State and the destruction of the economy were due to CM KCR's governance. "CM KCR is an invalid currency. Sensing going to early elections would hit their political future the TRS MLA has refused to toe the line of TRS chief to go for early elections," he said. Traders and settlers who are fed up with the demands of commissions by the KCR's family now see BJP as an alternative to TRS.

Kumar said that his party is collective evidence of the involvement of TRS Ministers and MLAs in relation to the Chikoti Praveen scam and will come up with the details.

On TRS's demand for national project status for Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP), he said, to date, the State has not given DPR to the Centre. No investment clearance data was presented. With what face are they asking for national project status, he questioned.

The Karimnagar MP said that former MP Vivek Venkataswamy along with the flood victims will be meeting the Union Jalasakti Ministry to complain about the irregularities leading to the inundation of Macherial, Manthani and several towns and villages, and one lakh acres of crops submerged due to CM KCR's actions.

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