Hanmakonda: Police Arrest The Fake Doctor

Hanmakonda: Police Arrest The Fake Doctor

Hanmakonda: Police Arrest The Fake Doctor


Without a doctorate, he would have incarnated as Shankar Dada MBBS. If he is given Rs 10000, then he will reveal the gender in the womb before the baby turns six months old.

Hanmakonda: Without a doctorate, he would have incarnated as Shankar Dada MBBS. If he is given Rs 10000, then he will reveal the gender in the womb before the baby turns six months old. He is doing pregnancy cancellation operations with for Rs 20000 finger. Even tablets are given for abortions. In medical observation, tablet treatment is risky. Overall they are doing business in the thousands to keep the unborn girl child out of the world. Fake hospitals are mushrooming in Warangal, which is emerging as the medical hub of Telangana.

Fake doctors are on the rise in the joint Warangal district. Hospitals are spawning with fake certificates without qualification. In-experienced, unqualified technicians are hired as staff and does commit medical malpractice. Simultaneous operations are also being carried out. For illegal scanning tests, horizontal abortions are doubled. Although it is known that it is a legal offence to perform sex determination tests, doctors are scrutinizing cases. There are up to 180 Radiology, Cardiology, Gynecology and Scanning Centers in Warangal Urban District alone. Many other centres are running without permission. In Warangal, urban, rural and Mahabubabad areas, it has become a big problem. Similar illegal hospitals have sprung up in Hanmakonda Bus Stand, Kakaji Colony, Vijaya Talkies, Ramnagar, Nayinnagar, Beemaram, Ramaram and KUC Road areas in Warangal City. Scanning is done violating of the rule and victims say illegal tests and abortions are on the rise.

These are not the only illegal abortions going on in Warangal even the fake doctors in the scanning centres are maintaining the code language secret. No one cares if they know that revealing sex is legal. Victims' weakness is becoming a business for fake doctors. The bill is being charged on a service basis. Victims say they are being charged between Rs 20,000 and Rs 70,000. If you look at YouTube and have an abortion, you can understand how the situation is.

There are a lot of illegal scanning centres in the joint Warangal district. Those who want to have a boy are more likely to become victims. Those who want to have a male child after the birth of one or two girls are running to these scanning centres through RMPs. Without any certificates, scanning centres, doctors, medical shops are running against the rules. Depending on the service, the bill can range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 70 thousand. A similar incident took place at the City Hospital opposite the monolithic park in Hanmakonda Balasamudram. Indra Reddy, who works as a medical representative, has been abusing women by performing abortions being RMP. Apart from the district, people from neighbouring states also come here to undergo abortions. Women from Maharashtra were attacked by paramedics while being treated at a hospital and fake doctors were caught.

On the other hand, the code of the scanning centres maintains the language 'open secret code' in order to tell the gender of the baby if it's male and female. No one is allowed inside with the mobile. Things like this come to light one by one in the attack on City Hospital. Health officials say strict action must be taken against those who commit such irregularities. So far, Indra Reddy has been caught incarnating as a doctor in the Dornakal area. He continued the same practice again with the help of some politicians and health department officials behind him. With lack of proper investigation, if once caught also the RMPs are continuing their practice. Only nominal cases and hospital sieges in the case of unauthorized abortions in Warangal are going on.

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