Hyderabad: EVDM under fire by politicos, finds huge public support

Hyderabad: EVDM under fire by politicos, finds huge public support

Slapping heavy fines for defacing city comes in for strong flak by leaders, parties

Hyderabad: If any government department's initiative affects the prospects of politicos, there is an immediate knee-jerk reaction to stop the initiative. The Enforcement Vigilance and Disaster Management (EVDM) came under fire from the public representatives and political parties for imposing hefty fines on individuals and parties defacing the city by pasting banners and posters across the city.

As a reprieve to those who have been fined, The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) decided to give another opportunity by forming a personal committee to decide the penal amounts. And the corporation went ahead and alleged that the director of EVDM, Viswajit Kampati was violating laws by slapping hefty fines on violators.

Seeing the outrage by the politicos, denizens took to social media in support of the EVDM department and director Viswajit Kampati. 'iSupportEVDMTeam' hashtag was seen in trending across Hyderabad twitter.

What the Denizens say

Vinay Vangala tweets, "Officers make d difference and one of them is you. Thank you for making a difference in society." Thank you for not getting influenced by any kind of pressure around you. Let's find a solution together. Let's support better cause Hyderabad."

Another Twitterati Saitezaa tweets, "An officer and team who is working hard to keep the city free from disfigurement which helps to maintain the Swachh Hyderabad. Thank you for not showing any partiality. So called leaders don't stop him from doing duties support EVDM for better cause."

Dinesh Choudhary tweets, "Keep up the good work sir, any good reform when being implemented will face hurdles but will be forever remembered for the good deeds done. Hyderabad is with you.

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