Hyderabad: Traffic signals yet to get green light in Kompally

Hyderabad: Traffic signals yet to get green light in Kompally

Dulapally-Kompally junction is one of chaos during rush hours

Kompally: The traffic police is forced to use public address system to regulate the traffic chaos at Dulapally-Kompally junction, thanks to lack of a traffic signal. Add to this chaos, bumpy roads, traffic chaos and potholes are causing inconvenience to the commuters.

Despite a proposal by Kompally Municipality to install a modern traffic signalling at the junction, it appears to be a long way off. Even the zebra crossing at the junction is not visible. Last year, Kompally became a prime area with mushrooming of colleges, commercial complexes, residential colonies.

"Due to lack of traffic signal, signal jumping, obstruction of free left and wrong side driving are very rampant over here. This has been creating confusion and for the past one year, we have been suffering due to lack of signalling. It is high time we needed a permanent solution," said Rohini, a commuter.

"The traffic issue has become intolerable especially during the night. We are getting confused to cross the road as from both the sides of the road. Vehicles keep coming and going, without stopping for a moment to let us cross the road. Hence, we are at a loss to reach the other side of the road," said Abhishek, another commuter.

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