My priority is to be with people: Vijayashanthi

My priority is to be with people: Vijayashanthi

Exudes confidence that Congress will win upcoming Lok Sabha elections

Hyderabad: Congressleader Vijayashanthi commented that her priority is to be on the side of the people rather than the government. Perhaps the reason for that is the motivation of the rebellious nature of the movie characters. Vijayashanti said that despite being criticized by some people, the same policy continues to lead her forward. She said that it is also a fact that the spirit of struggle and freedom is not possible in the ruling party as much as in the opposition. Vijayashanti responded to this on the X platform saying, 'In the course of the 26th year of politics'.

Vijayashanthi, the leader of that party, said that she sincerely wishes that today's Congress government, which she worked to win, achieves the success of fulfilling the hopes of the people of Telangana. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, Deputy Chief Minister Bhatti Vikramarka and the cabinet are already working in that direction for the people and hoped that the promises which have started to be implemented will be taken to full extent step by step. She stated that it is her opinion that the government's activities should go towards success. She said that she is confident that the Congress party can win the Lok Sabha elections. To this extent, she responded as X platform

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