Officials on job to quench thirst of wild animals

Officials on job to quench thirst of wild animals

During summer, animals venture into villages in search of water and get trapped by hunters

Adilabad: As extreme heat conditions are prevailing in the district, with human beings wild animals are also facing a lot of difficulties in the due to shortage of water and food these days.

Therefore, to fulfill the need with regard to the summer season the forest officials require to put various kinds of tubs, saucers pits and cottages in the forest and wildlife sanctuaries.

The forest authorities are now making saucer pits in the middle of the forest and pouring water through the water tanks twice a week to quench the thirst of animals.

According to officials, during the summer season due to shortage of water and food, the wild animals leaving forest venture into nearby villages in search of victual and water and they are killed by hunters there.

Then the wild animals leave the forest, they are trapped by hunters who by setting up electric shocks along with traps kill them. In the past, hunters killed tigers, deer, blue bulls and many other animals.

The Kavval Tiger Reserve zone spreads over 89000 hectares in four districts there are two wild life sanctuaries. In Jaipur zone, crocodile sanctuary and Krishna deer sanctuary in Kotapalli mandal are located. In these sanctuaries, many carnivores and herbivorous animals live. Except the rainy season, due to lack of drinking water and food in the forest animals will leave their place in search of food and water and enter into nearby villages.

At present in Kavval tiger zone there are 20 leopards, 249 race dogs, 73 wolves, 158 wild cats, 303 bears and many carnivorous animals. Also there are 54 Krishna deer, 710 spotted deer, 33 antelopes, 42 wild bulls, 155 monkeys, 626 blue bulls, 40 peacocks and 676 wild pigs, according to official records. To save these animals from the hunters the forest officials will have to make proper arrangements for food and water otherwise, the hunters in the sly will get a chance to eliminate the precious animals.

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