One-day salary cut for CMRF: Employees Ikya Vedika rues Finance Department's order

One-day salary cut

One-day salary cut for CMRF: Employees Ikya Vedika rues Finance Department's order


  • Demands making a contribution to CMRF voluntary
  • Warns to challenge the legal validity of the order if the G.O. is not modified

Hyderabad: The employees, Teachers, Pensioners, Public Sector and Contract Employees Ikya Vedika demanded the State government to immediately bring suitable chances to Finance Department orders numbered 1142 issued on November 2.

In a statement here on Thursday, the Ikya Vedika has found fault with the State Finance Department issuing the said orders based on a letter given by some employee associations.

It said that there is no Joint Action Committee (JAC) or a single association to represent all the employees.

Against this backdrop, it would be unbecoming on the part of the Finance Department to issue orders to deduct one-day basic salary towards the contribution to CMRF from their November month salaries.

The Ikya Vedika leader said the employees' associations of TNGO and TGO have given a letter for the dedication of the one-day basic salary without consulting the other organisations. It alleged that the said deduction following the Finance Department orders amounts to a forceful collection but not a voluntary contribution to the CMRF. Reason being, the decision take was unilateral, they added.

They demanded to issue directions to the DDOs to the effect that they should deduct the one-day salaries from the employees only on the expression of voluntary acceptance.

Further, a memorandum was submitted to the Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary, Finance, to make the contribution voluntary. However, the Finance Department has issued orders unilaterally, they alleged.

It demanded the State government to collect the one-day basic salary only from the members of the employees' associations who have given the letter to the State government. And, make it voluntary in case of all others.

"Failing which, the Ikya Vedika will be forced to challenge the legal validity of the orders of the Finance Department," they warned.

The Ikya Vedika Steering Committee members Ch Sampath Kumaraswamy, G Balaswamy, P Nirmala, Tajmohan Reddy, K Jangaiah, Chava Rai among others demanded the State government to issued orders immediately.

Meanwhile, Teachers Constituency MLC, Alugubelli Narisi Reddy in a letter to the Finance Secretary asked to bring suitable changes to the orders issued. He asked the official to issue directions to the drawing and disbursing officers to obtain willing letters to contribute to the CMFR based on their economic capacity from their November salaries.

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