Reports On Covid Management In Gandhi Hospital Malicious Propaganda: Telangana Government

Telangana Government
Telangana Government

The state Medical and Health officials, experts have made it clear that the government hospitals in the state have the capacity, facilities and...

The state Medical and Health officials, experts have made it clear that the government hospitals in the state have the capacity, facilities and equipment to treat Corona virus patients whatever their number may be.

They expressed anguish that on this matter, some media organisations and persons are spreading false information and creating panic and confusion among the people. They have also expressed a doubt that there may be some conspiracy behind this malicious propaganda.

They clarified that in Gandhi hospital where there is a capacity to treat more than 2,000 patients, only 247 Covid patients are there. When the facts are like this, some vested interests are spreading rumours that the Gandhi Hospital is overflowing with the Covid patients, they expressed dissatisfaction. They said since some people have filed the PILs in the court, they were made to make rounds around the court and it was creating problems for them to offer medical services to the needy.

They said it was not possible to conduct Covid Tests on all those who died and the High Court's direction in this regard cannot be implemented. They urged the state government to appeal in the Supreme Court.

Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar rao held a high-level review meeting on the spread of Corona Virus, measures taken to contain it and other related issues at Pragathi Bhavan here on Monday. Medical and Health Minister Sri Etela Rajender, Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, Special Chief Secretary (Medical and Health) Ms Shanti Kumari, Commissioner Ms Yogita Rana, DME Sri Ramesh Reddy, DMH Sri Srinivas, Covid Experts Committee member Sri Gangadhar, Health University Vice Chancellor Sri Karunakar Reddy and others participated.

The Medical and Health officials and experts brought to the notice of the CM that there is no match between the actual situation and those reports spreading in the media about the spread of Corona Virus. They were upset that some vested interests are spreading false reports on the situation. They said this was leading to people getting scared and anxious. The following are the issues they brought before the CM.

Some people are spreading lies that the Gandhi Hospital is overflowing with the Corona Virus patients. Some Newspapers and TV Channels are reporting this fake news. But this is a blatant lie. In Gandhi hospitals, facilities are there to treat 2150 Patients. It has 1000 beds with Oxygen supply facility. As on date, there are only 247 Corona patients in Gandhi Hospital. So far there was never an opportunity to utilise the facilities at the Gandhi hospital to the optimal level. Several of the patients who got the virus have received treatment and discharged from the hospital. Asymptomatic patients are treated at home.

♦ There was also false campaign launched that if the patients' number is more there are no facilities to treat them. In fact, in the entire country, the state government's medical and health department is better equipped to face any situation. 9.61 PPE Kits are ready. There are 14 Lakh N95 Masks. In the government hospitals 3600 beds are ready with the Oxygen facility. Ventilators, Test Kits, Tablets and other equipment are there as stand by. There is no scarcity. The Medical and Health department is ready to give treatment to any number of patients.

♦ All those who received treatment and discharged, went home are happy. They are publicly declaring that they received the best treatment with all the facilities. It is painful that while the patients who got virus happy and others are levelling false charges.

♦ They are spreading lies, false reports that doctors and other medical staff transmitted the Virus and there by adversely impact the confidence of the medical staff. In fact, the Corona virus spreads to those offering the treatment worldwide. This is but natural. This is not happening in Telangana state alone. 480 got the Virus in Delhi's AIIMS. According to the ICMR estimates 10,000 medical staff got the virus in the country. In the US 68,000 Medical staff got the Virus. In UK 15 per cent of those transmitted Virus are medical staff. Similarly, in the Telangana State so far 153 medical staff got the Virus. But none of them were in serious condition. They are our fellow staff and we are on alert about them. It is painful that some reports are spreading that only in Telangana State Medical staff have got the virus.

♦ All those deaths accounted for as Corona deaths were not connected to the Corona virus. About 95 per cent of the dead died due to other reasons. Kidney, liver, heart, Respiratory diseases, cancer patients, patients with high blood pressures, diabetics and other diseases died. Those they died due to other diseases, since they have tested positive for Corona, they were accounted for as deaths due to Corona. This is the most unscientific way of awareness. Due to this false propaganda, there is fear among the people.

♦ On the subject of Corona, regularly some people are filing the Public Interest Litigation in the Court. Due to this, senior officials are going to Courts every day. They are occupied with the Court work the whole day. This is leading to senior officials not been able to monitor Corona related cases and other cases. All these PILs are filed with vested interests. This is leading to senior medical officers wasting their valuable time.

♦ It is difficult to implement the High Court Order that Corona tests should be conducted on the dead for whatever reasons they have died. In the state every day 900 to 1000 people die due to various reasons. Every day someone will die in some remote part of the state. It is not possible to conduct tests on them. If the medical staff in the hospitals is deputed for this duty, they will not get any time to treat the patients. There will be patients who come to the hospitals for other diseases and some for deliveries. There are now some who come for the treatment of Corona. It is not possible to conduct tests on the dead for Corona leaving these patients. WHO, ICMR or the Central government never asked for the tests on the dead. The High Court directions in this regard are impossible to impellent. The state government should go for an appeal in the Supreme Court in this regard.

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