All set for Mayor and Chairpersons elections for municipalities and Corporations in AP

Guntur Municipal Corporation

Guntur Municipal Corporation


All set for the formation of new governing bodies for 11 Corporations and 75 municipalities in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday.

All set for the formation of new governing bodies for 11 Corporations and 75 municipalities in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday. Elections will be held for the positions of mayor and deputy mayor for Corporations and chairperson and vice-chairperson for municipalities. Elections were held on the 10th of this month for 12 municipal corporations and 75 municipalities. However, the counting of votes was not held for Eluru Corporation as per the High Court orders. Out of the 11 corporations where the results are announced, the elected corporators elect the mayor and deputy mayor. Similarly, councillors elected for 75 municipalities elect chairpersons and vice-chairpersons. Therefore, the municipal department has made all the arrangements.

The corporators and councillors of the municipal corporations will first take oath followed by the elections for the positions of mayor, deputy mayor, municipal Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson will be held at 11 and the results will be announced later. The mayor and chairperson elections will be held only if 50 percent of the members were present, otherwise, the election will be postponed. The government has appointed presiding officers for corporations and municipalities to ensure the smooth running of the electoral process.

The arrangements have been made to hold meetings in the conference halls of the respective organisations under their auspices. Municipal Commissioner MM Nayak and District Collectors reviewed the arrangements via video conference. Arrangements have been made at the respective offices. Steps are being taken to prevent any untoward incidents.

The government has decided to elect two deputy mayors in municipal corporations and two vice-chairpersons in municipalities to serve the people better. The ordinance was drafted and sent to the Governor for approval. Elections will be held on Thursday for the appointment of one deputy mayor and vice-chairperson. After the ordinance is approved by the Governor, the State Election Commission will issue a special notification to conduct elections for the posts of another Deputy Mayor and Vice-Chairperson.

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