Bhimavaram: Delivering food free at the doorstep of the aged

Bhimavaram: Malla Rambabu of Vemavaram village in Veeravasaram mandal has become popular with his service activity of delivering food at their doorstep to the aged who cannot afford or cook food for a few months. A soft-spoken person, he took up the task with available resources and has been successfully serving food to 200 aged persons in various villages of the mandal. He is expressing happiness for doing this service to the aged without discrimination on lines of caste or religion.

No wonder, Rambabu motivated many service-oriented persons to toe his line with his heart-touching service to the senior citizens. Rambabu identified that many aged persons were either neglected by children or isolated and not able to cook for themselves because of illness. He listed out such persons from neighbouing villages and started delivering food for them.

Professionally a rice miller, he chose his Kalyana Mandapam for preparing the food required for the supply to the aged. He begins his activity early in the morning and prepares food by 10 am. He employed half-a-dozen staff for taking up this mission successfully.

He readies food in lunch boxes with all varieties of food items. Besides rice, he supplies curry, sambar, rasam, curd, butter milk and other items depending upon the requirement of the aged persons. For this purpose, he makes note of their food requirement (depending on their ailment and food habits) and complaints and change the menu accordingly to suit their taste. For vegetarians, he supplies vegetarian food week days. For non-vegetarians, Sunday and Wednesday he supplies non-vegetarian food. He uses food carrier boxes for supply of food.

He keeps food sufficient for lunch and dinner in the carriers and leaves to supply in an auto. He has been supplying food to the needy aged people in Andaluru, Chintalakoti Garuvu, Veeravasaram Peddapeta, Tokalapudi, Tokalapudipalem, Toleru, Uttarapalem, Padamatipalem, Balusugoyyipalem, Buddharayuducheruvu, Gavarapalem, Panja Vemavaram and Jagannadhapuram villages in the mandal.

Speaking to 'The Hans India'here on Friday, Rambabu said that he was inspired by Minister Ch Sriranganadha Raju who has been supplying food in a similar way in Yandagandi village for quite some time. "In spite of sufficient income from all resources, a feeling of lacking something in life used to haunt me.

Now, after taking up the service activity, that feeling vanished. Now, I am confident that I can do this service for the rest of my life," Rambabu added with pride.

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