Korukonda: Temple built for freedom fighter

A mandir constructed beside the stairway to Sri Ramagiri (Sundaragiri) temple in Gummaladoddi village

A mandir constructed beside the stairway to Sri Ramagiri (Sundaragiri) temple in Gummaladoddi village


A Sundaram, a freedom fighter, designed Sri Ramagiri temple in Gummaladoddi village

Korukonda(East Godavari District): A temple was constructed for a freedom fighter, who selflessly served the country all his life in the heart of the village, where disciples and followers worship him. This temple is in Gummaladoddi village, 25 km from Rajahmundry district headquarters.

Appanaboina Sundaram, a freedom fighter, educator and temple builder, served as a freedom fighter before Swaraj and as a village developer after Swaraj. Born in 1902, Sundaram lived for about 103 years till 2005. During the days when freedom struggle was going on fiercely, patriotic ideology and fighting spirit drove Sundaram to fight for freedom in Gummaladoddi area. Food items were sent from here to freedom fighters in hiding. Some villagers used to carry food parcels and keep them at some places identified by Sundaram.

A villager, Yegi Sambasiva, said that he heard Sundaram himself narrating the details of the struggle then. He said that Sundaram was never married, had no relatives and lived alone till the end. But he loved the villagers as if they were all his family, he added. All those who came in contact with Sundaram, who was healthy and active till 2003, speak highly of his willingness to serve.

Sundaram had designed Sri Ramagiri temple (also known as Sundaragiri by followers), which brought special recognition to Gummaladoddi village. In 1956, he built a great temple on a hill of about six acres in the village. Narayana Sitaramalyam was built with the help of devotees, who participated in the construction. Acharyas were brought in as priests to conduct Agama rituals as per Pancharatr Agama as it was conducted in Bhadradri temple. Archaka swami STP Srinivasa charyulu said that this temple is a place of worship for the villagers of Gummaladoddi, Achyutapuram, Bawaji Peta, Vedurupaka, etc., and Rama Satyanarayana and Radhakrishna Upalayas have also been built. He said that Appanaboina Sundaram had worked hard to develop moral and life values among villagers.

Sundaram constructed a beautiful dirt road from Gummalladoddi to Achyutapuram village with Sramadan (with participation of the people before independence).

Seshagiri Rao, a disciple settled in Visakhapatnam, said that he used to stay for some time every year to train students in Bhupatipalem Ashram School and the school achieved many great achievements.

In recognition of his services, a group of 25 disciples built a small temple at the foot of Sri Ramagiri (Sundaragiri) and installed Sundaram's idol.

As part of Azad Ka Amrit

Mahotsav, the disciples are also

conducting ceremonies at the shrine built for the freedom fighter


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