Kurnool: Stray dog goes berserk; attacks 10 persons

One of the victims receiving first-aid at Banganapalle government hospital on Tuesday

One of the victims receiving first-aid at Banganapalle government hospital on Tuesday


  • The injured were first admitted to Banaganapalle government general hospital and later shifted to Kurnool
  • They were administered anti-rabies vaccine at Kurnool government hospital

Kurnool: As many as 10 persons were injured as they bitten by a stray dog. The incident took place at Yaganti Palli in Banaganapalle Assembly constituency.

All the injured were immediately rushed to Banaganapalle government general hospital. Due to non-availability of anti-rabies injection at the hospital, they were referred to Kurnool government general hospital after extending primary treatment.

One Rama Tulasamma, resident of Yagantipalli, speaking to The Hans India has said that she was going to a shop to purchase some vegetables. A stray dog from nowhere appeared and at once pounced on her and attacked her indiscriminately. Before the residents could come to her aid, Rama Tulasamma had suffered several injuries on hands and legs.

After Rama Tulasamma, Dandu Varalu, Lakshmi Devi, Tirumalesh, Rama Lashmamma and Kumar besides several others have also suffered injuries in the stray dog attack. Almost all ithe njured were immediately rushed to Banaganapalli government general hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, anti rabies injections were not available at the hospital. The doctors at the hospital after extending primary treatment have referred them to Kurnool government hospital. They were administered anti-rabies injection at Kurnool Hospital.

The victims expressed their ire over doctors at Banaganapalli hospital as they could not keep the stock of the injection. They questioned what is the use of a 100-bed hospital when it cannot provide medicine for dog bite.

The victims and the residents have also blamed the municipal and gram panchayat officials for not taking steps to solve the dog menace. Despite several complaints the officials failed to take any action, they lamented. They urged the civic staff to take measures at least now to catch the dogs and save them and their children from dog bites.

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