Mettavalasa Peechu Mamidi, unique variety, raised by Bobbili royal family

Mettavalasa Peechu Mamidi, unique variety, raised by Bobbili royal family

Members of the royal family encourage farmers in the area to cultivate the juicy and delicious mango variety

Vizianagaram: It's a known fact that mango is king of the fruits and the farmers of Andhra Pradesh have been producing a wide variety of mangos every season.

The top quality varieties include Banginapalli, Suvarnarekha, Neelum and Totapuri and Cheruku Rasalu. But in Vizianagaram district, there is a different and unique mango variety which is grown by the royal family of Bobbili Samsthanam. Earlier, the variety was not available at other places except within the fort premises of Bobbili.

Actually till a few decades ago, the 'Mettavalasa Peechu Mamidi' variety was not available anywhere except on the farm fields of the royal family of Bobbili. The seeds also were not available to common people.

But the rulers of this Bobbili Samsthanam used to offer the fruits which have unique and delicious taste to their friends, followers and their supporters in thes area.

But after consuming the fruits, the friends and relatives of the royal family used to bring back the seeds to the fort and deposit there only.

Even the farmers also never tried to grow the royal mango trees in their fields and even they felt proud to receive the fruit basket from the rulers of Bobbili Samsthanam every year. This was a common tradition which was followed for centuries.

But since over the last five decades, members of the royal family passed on the knowledge on the mango variety to farmers in the district. They have been imparted training on how to raise the variety.

Now, farmers living in about 60 villages around Bobbili raise the mango variety along with other traditional varieties. Thus, gradually the plants have come out of the fort and they are planted in fields in the area.

Mettavalasa Peechu Mamidi fruit is quite juicy and has rich fibre. It is more delicious than than any other popular varieties of mangoes in the State.

Baby Nayana, the scion of Bobbili Samsthanam, who has a keen interest on agriculture, says, "Peechu Mamidi has been a royal brand. Even now I present the fruit basket containing the delicious mango variety to my friends, relatives and farmers as a gift. I also give the saplings to farmers who are interested in growing the trees and promote its


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