Open transformers pose serious threat to people

Open transformers pose serious threat to people

A citizen alleges that 20% of over 1,600 transformers that are set up over pavements and at public places in the city, them have no fencing

Kurnool : Many electrical transformers, without fencing and safety walls, located on roadside at various parts in Kurnool city are exposing vehicles and pedestrians to danger. Besides, tangled wires hanging from the sides is also dangerous. Some transformers were seen installed just adjacent to the schools.

In addition to this already existing threat, incessant rains and water logging are resulting in short-circuits.

Particularly transformers set up at public places, pavements and residential areas have turned to zero safety zones in the city. On several occasions, sparks from the open ground-level transformers have been observed in many colonies.

More than 1,600 transformers were built over pavements and at public places in the city. Over 20 per cent of them have no fencing, no iron packets and no walls, alleged Kumar Reddypogu, a resident of Satyanarayana Colony, while speaking to The Hans India. He said transformers occupy the space meant for people to walk on. He criticised that Kurnool Municipal Corporation seems to be helpless when it comes to transformers and other unwanted setups in the city, though it constructed pavements for the benefit of the people. Kumar opined that electrical transformers set up on roadside, occupying the foot path, should be removed. Those set up at a safe place need to put iron fencing and properly protected and old wires should be replaced with new ones, he added. The officials also should remove dangling electric wires, that may kill those, who accidentally comes in contact with them, Kumar suggested.

Another citizen, S Venkata Ratnam of Swami Reddy Nagar in the town, came down heavily on the negligent attitude of electrical department. He said a transformer near Krishna Reddy Sweets is totally unprotected. He said that a vendor was selling clothes just beside the transformer. As wires and junction box were hardly one feet away from the ground, there is every chance that unfortunate incidents can take place in rainy season, he cautioned.

Further pointing out to a transformer located on park road, Venkata Ratnam questioned the electrical department staff as to how they could set up a generator just beneath the transformer. This could be more dangerous, if anyone of them catch fire or short circuit takes place, he added. He opined that transformers need to be set up at a safe height after constructing poles so that people passing through that way would never get in contact with them.

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