Rajamahendravaram: After Covid, dengue, malaria sting tribals

Patients undergoing treatment at a hospital on Tuesday

Patients undergoing treatment at a hospital on Tuesday


  • The Area Hospital is flooded with malaria and dengue cases
  • Tribals have to approach private hospitals for diagnostic purposes due to lack of equipment in health centres

Rajamahendravaram: After Covid, malaria and dengue outbreak has created panic in Chinturu and Rampa agencies of East Godavari district.

Due to heavy rains, the viral fevers have spread like wildfire in the entire Chinturu agency.

Cases are increasing with each passing day in Chituru, VR Puram, Kunavaram and Yetapaka divisions. The patients are alleging that doctors are not paying full attention to their health problems. They are also expressing anguish that they are unable to diagnose whether they are suffering from dengue or malaria owing to lack of laboratory. Further, the medicines are also not available to meet the needs of the patients.

Owing to flood, sanitation is in poor condition in the agency. Tribals are demanding the authorities to take appropriate action for improving sanitation.

ITDA Chinturu Medical and Health Officer Dr P Pullaiah told 'The Hans India' that all steps are being taken to curb viral fevers. He said that 8,956 cases of viral fevers were registered in July. Till now 4,101 cases registered pertaining to viral fevers in the Agency. As many as 18 cases of malaria were registered during the last two months. With the help of ITDA PO A Venkat Ramana, they procured the equipment to diagnose the nature of fevers. He said that platelets count test, HB, malaria, typhoid, sugar and blood groping text, HIV, HBSAG test, pregnancy test, urine albumin & globulin test are conducted in Chinturu Area Hospital.

A door-to-door study conducted in Chinturu division revealed that there was stagnation of water in many houses. He said that every Friday, Health and Asha workers and other medical personnel are visiting every house in their respective areas to advise people about not leaving any stagnant water around to check breeding of mosquitoes. He said that IRS chemical spraying to kill mosquitoes was completed at all tribal hamlets in the agency. Officials are creating awareness among the people about using mosquito nets for their own safety. Fogging and spraying with pyrethrum in dengue-infected houses and in the neighbourhood has been done too besides antilarval operations. He said that they distributed more than 70,000 mosquito nets to the tribals in Chinturu agency.

Government General Hospital Superintendent R Mahalakshmi said that patients suffering from dengue and malaria fevers are also coming in large numbers to seek admission in GGH. More than 50 malaria cases have been registered and no ICU beds are vacant.

People are complaining that they are not receiving any medical assistance despite presence of Primary Health Centres and Community Health Centres in the tribal areas.

However, officials claimed that the first phase of Indoor Residual Spray (IRS), a chemical to kill mosquitoes, was completed in all tribal hamlets of the agency. People suffering from the viral fevers are approaching the Area Hospital and PHCs. They are unable to get blood tests for lack of equipment. They are compelled to approach private hospitals where they have to pay heavy fees. Even some people approach private hospitals in Bhadrachalam, Telangana. According to officials, the situation may deteriorate further in the next two months.

CHC , Kunavaram

CHC , Kunavaram

Chinturu Area Hospial

Chinturu Area Hospial

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