Rajamahendravaram: Youth aims at mastering art of Avadhanam

Rajamahendravaram: Youth aims at mastering art of Avadhanam

Tata Sandeep Sarma (25) completed M.Sc (Biotechnology) and MA (Telugu) from Andhra University

Rajamahendravaram: Avadhanam, a performance by litterateurs which will enable them to exhibit their skills in Telugu language, is slowly disappearing and many language lovers are expressing concern over it.

Avadhanam is a poetic competition where several challenges are given simultaneously to the poet who wants to become an Avadhani.

Some Telugu pundits are taking up a campaign to protect Avadhanam concept and trying to produce Avadhanis (those who take part in Avadhanams).

One among them is Tata Sandeep Sarma (25) who is performing Avadhanams since 2014 and so far completed as many as 36 Avadhanams and 37th Avadhanam will be held on December 22 in Naarsaraopeta.

Sarma completed all his studies from sixth to post-graduation in English language and also gained command in Telugu and Sanskrit languages due to his interest in the languages.

He completed his M.Sc (Biotechnology) and MA (Telugu) from Andhra University and is now completing Ph.D in Biotechnology from the same university. Sarma inculcated the habit of learning Telugu and Sanskrit languages following inspiration of his maternal grandmother Parvathamma who is a Telugu pundit.

Later, he became the disciple of Avadhana Vidya Guruvu and Padya Kala Tapaswi Dr Dhulipala Mahadeva Mani, since a decade. He received titles such as Avadhana Astapada, Avdhana Chintamani, Avdhana Yuvarat and Ghantavadhanas Dhurina from various organizations

Speaking to The Hans India he said that his dream was to become Maha Sahasra Avadhani in the ensuing days and said that for the first time he would perform Satavadhanam in Andhra Yuvathi Samskrutha Kalasla from December 29 to 31 under the aegis of his guru Dr Mahadeva Mani.

So far he has completed 36 Asta Avadhanams and Yugala Avadhanam in 2017 in connection with Sri Krishna Devaraya fest held in Vjayawada. Sarma took part in his first Avadhanam while studying B.Sc at Aditya College in 2014.

Dr Mahadeva Mani produced four women avadhanis from Andhra Yuvati Samskrutha Kalasala, which is unique, he averred.

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