TDP in search of front-runner for Nellimarla

Taraka Rama Naidu, Anand kumar and Bangarraju

Taraka Rama Naidu, Anand kumar and Bangarraju


The party high command discusses with three high-profile leaders from the constituency

Nellimarla(Vizianagaram): As the TDP feels that people are showing a strong displeasure against the ruling party, it has started its preparation for the upcoming Assembly elections, and it has initiated step to strengthen the party in all Assembly constituencies.

In 2019 Assembly elections, the TDP has lost all 9 Assembly seats including Vizianagaram LokSabha constituency.

Now, the TDP is trying to find strong candidates for every Assembly constituency in the district.

As part of it, the party high command discussed with the leaders of Nellimarla and it will finalise one of them as in-charge of the constituency.

With this appointment, the party expects the in-charge to lead the cadre and it is expected that same will be the candidate for the constituency from TDP.

The party high command interacted with K Bangarraju, former mandal parishad president and KAnand Kumar, a hardcore supporter of the party and a family member of PNarayana Swamy Naidu. The three candidates have equal strength and support.

While Bangarraju and Anand Kumar have equal strength and can lead the cadre against the YSRCP. Narayana Swamy Naidu, eight times MLA was demanding the in-charge post for his grandson TarakaRama Naidu.

Speaking to the Hans India, Anand Kumar said, the senior leaders from the partyinteracted with three candidates and they will finalize one of them as in-charge after consulting the district level leadership.

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