Vijayawada: Maruti Nagar vibrant with commercial activity, corporate institutions

Bridge in the colony; A street in the colony; Apartment in Maruti Nagar

Bridge in the colony; A street in the colony; Apartment in Maruti Nagar


  • Colony has all basi infrastructure facilities
  • Slow progress of underground drainage works irks residents living near hill areas
  • Parking problem also haunts the residents

Vijayawada: Hub of educational institutions and increasing commercial activity has made Maruthi Nagar, located on Eluru road, as one of the vibrant colonies in Vijayawada city.

Maruti Nagar is also well known for good basic infrastructure facilities like roads, underground drainage (UGD) connections, trees, beautiful apartments and houses.

Formed over 50 years ago, the colony was constructed with good planning of roads. During the past few decades, many apartments and group houses were built. Since the colony located very near to Eluru road, commercial activity also has increased in the colony over the years.

Furniture workshops, restaurants, corporate schools, colleges, tuition points, supermarkets and many commercial establishments are located on Eluru road and nearby areas and transformed the colony into one of the lively and vibrant colonies in the city.

Maruti Nagar has good road connectivity with passing of large number of RTC buses and other private vehicles.

Residents living between Eluru road and Ryves canal have good infrastructure facilities.

Meanwhile, residents living near hill areas are facing hardships due to slow progress of UGD works. Several hundreds of families are suffering due to digging of roads for laying pipelines.

During rainy season, residents has to suffer due to stagnation of water in the streets. The residents are demanding to restore the roads as early as possible.

Besides, mosquitoes menace is also very high near the hill area. Residents are living in narrow lanes and facing problem for parking of vehicles.

With many educational institutions established in the colony, particularly private schools, demand for houses made the rents to go up in the colony. However, due to the impact of Covid pandemic, many residents left the colony to other places. Scores of rented houses are available in the colony in the post Covid scenario.

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