Yarlagadda Venkatarao inaugurates new TDP office in Nunna Village

Yarlagadda Venkatarao inaugurates new TDP office in  Nunna Village

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In a significant development in the political landscape of Gannavaram Constituency, Yarlagadda Venkatarao, the joint candidate of TDP and Janasena, recently visited the village of Vijayawada Rural Mandal. During his visit, he inaugurated a new TDP party office in Nunna village.

Addressing the gathering, Yarlagadda Venkatarao expressed his disappointment with the leaders of the ruling government in Gannavaram constituency, criticizing their lack of focus on important issues like job creation for the youth. He promised that if the TDP government comes to power, they will prioritize IT resources and initiatives to provide employment opportunities for young people.

During the event, Yarlagadda Venkatarao welcomed about 100 families from YSRCP into the TDP party fold, under the leadership of Kalakoti Srinivasa Reddy, president of Nunna village, and other local TDP leaders. Prominent leaders such as Polareddy Sambireddy, Ilapolu Pushpa Leela, Tagaram Ashok, Parasa Likhita, and many others from the former Nunna village also joined the TDP party.

The program witnessed the presence of key TDP officials including Mandal President Godalla Chinna Rama Rao, District Vice President Gujjarlapudi Baburao, and Mandal Telugu Youth President Gampa Srinivas Yadav. Additionally, Jana Sena leaders such as Patilam Durga Rao, Sheikh Sandani, and Podili Lalitha were also in attendance, showcasing the unity and support within the political parties.

Overall, the massive inflow of YSRCP members into the TDP party reflects a significant shift in the political dynamics of the region, setting the stage for an interesting and competitive election season.

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