Savart - Giving wings to dreams with smart investments

Savart - Giving wings to dreams with smart investments
Savart was founded by Sankarsh Chanda

Investing is the idea of allocating financial resources to accomplish specific goals.

Investing is the idea of allocating financial resources to accomplish specific goals. It could be building a house for somebody, buying a car for some or peaceful retirement for others. Goals and aspirations are central to people's lives and are the motivation to work hard every day. It is indeed a proud feat for an upstart like Savart, to participate in this critical part of people's lives.

Savart is an investment advisory company established with the aim of helping people make smart investments in stock, mutual funds and bonds to achieve their financial goals. Savart was founded by Sankarsh Chanda at the age of 18. He started investing at the age of 14 and built on his passion for the stock market. He is a certified research analyst and leads the growth & research initiatives at the company.

The company believes that 'following one's passion' is imperative to live with satisfaction, thus, committing to actively reduce the time people spend on earning money and instead of growing it.

Savart currently advises over 100 crore rupees in assets and works with clients from over 30 countries. Savart employs intelligent systems, algorithms that understand, analyze and advise clients with support from its in-house research analysts. The company has developed the EFG (Emotional Financial & General) Analysis that helps understand the goals, risk appetite & requirements of clients. The data from EFG is then used to build a unique investment profile of the client and the final output of a well-diversified portfolio that the client can invest.

The company's services span portfolio reviews, advice on the purchase, re-balance and sale of investments. The company says that it maintains reasonable pricing as most of its clients are first-time investors and start with a small amount of investment.

Savart has been consistently investing in its research systems and technologies that collect & interpret over 1200 parameters classified as quantitative, qualitative & behavioural data. The eclectic data helps analyze businesses holistically, including important parameters like corporate governance, ethics & business quality & moat. The company states that while there is a lot of automation involved, the role of human research has not been completely eliminated as it brings a lot of intuitive intelligence to the process. A combination of both is what works the best.

The company will be unveiling its upgraded web & mobile applications early next year & also launch the fully autonomous investment research system by the end of 2020. The investment space is definitely set to be an exciting place to be in for the next decade.

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