This Independence week - Know what some brands are doing to get freedom from Coronavirus

This Independence week - Know what some brands are doing to get freedom from Coronavirus

This Independence week - Know what some brands are doing to get freedom from Coronavirus


This week, India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day on August 15th.

Last week, India celebrated its 74th Independence Day on August 15th. We, as a country stood united against the British oppressors to gain our precious freedom and stood tall against all their atrocities. The prospect of coming this far and being dragged back by years is a looming possibility in this weakening economy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has come to a standstill with businesses being severely impacted and even causing many startups and small ventures to fold and completely close down in extreme situations.

With the looming fear of the Coronavirus pandemic shutting down brands, many of them are trying to stay afloat by still keeping their customers satisfied to bring in new engagements and retaining old ones.

This task has not been easy and it is taking a lot of sacrifices by some brands to help gain freedom from COVID-19. In our Independence Day special, let us acknowledge some of these sacrifices -

Delivery Executives risking it all

The risk of infection may not seem like a big deal to people who are staying indoors. Some people have also been complaining of being bored and wanting to go enjoy their myriad lives and the pleasure money offers them. But try to pause for a second and observe clearly.

Think about the Delivery Partners and the amount of sacrifice they do for us. For the sake of their livelihood, they have to be out in the field, risking their lives to deliver our parcels as soon as possible. They toil hard and take the risk of going back and even infecting their families every single day while we lounge around watching Netflix in our pyjamas and enjoying the luxuries of our home.

Delivering essential goods to your doorstep

People panic and decide to step out of their homes in cases of emergency or to buy essential goods. To ensure that this doesn't happen, brands like PharmEasy, Amazon, Shiprocket are offering to deliver medicines, grocery items, medical equipment, personal & baby care products to home.

Public Awareness Campaigns through Social Media

Brands have a massive following and they are using their social media space to launch Awareness Campaigns focused on social distancing and hygiene. They can play an active role in engaging mass audiences by pushing their message far and wide. These campaigns can aid the warnings and list all the guidelines by the government.

Unique logos, taglines and ads carry messages like wearing masks, staying indoors and following social distancing norms in clever and witty ways. Oyo and Makemytrip are some of the examples where brands changed their logos to send this message.

These campaigns also act as heralds in recognising the brands as Environment Friendly and Socially Responsible citizens. These campaigns are bringing in new customers and also raising respect for the kind of work they do. Brands are entering the fight with COVID-19 and encouraging others to do the same at their own level.

These brands and e-commerce platforms along with their delivery partners are having a 'Customer First' approach to get the essentials delivered to one and all.

In the words of Robert Frost - "I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep". We have come a far way from where we started as India's recovery rate reaches over 62%. But this is just the beginning. We have a long road ahead of us.

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