Kajol's Popular Short Film Devi Copied: Student

Kajols Popular Short Film Devi Copied: Student
Devi Short Film

RyanIvan Stephen and Niranjan Iyengar have bankrolled the short film

Picture this: A group of women who have gone through abuse in different forms get together and share the sisterhood bond. They hail from different sections of society but one common thread that binds them is they have all been abused in one form or the other.

RyanIvan Stephen and Niranjan Iyengar have bankrolled the short film.

Devi is directed by Priyanka Banerjee and lasts for a mere 13 minutes. In just 13 minutes Devi tries to capture the attention of the audience and makes them sit up and take notice of the present-day society and the plight of women. The short film stars some fantastic and highly talented actors like Neha Dhupia, Kajol, Shruti Haasan among others.

Ever since its release, the short film titled Devi has garnered record eyeballs on YouTube where it is being streamed.

The short film which is being widely talked about and circulated in social media has now grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A person has alleged that the short film Devi's plot has been stolen from his short film titled Four.

He says that Devi's story is heavily inspired by his 2018 movie. Here's what he posted on his Facebook.

"Here's something I'd like to bring to everybody's notice. We at AndaKurry Productions, made a short film when we were in film school, two years back called 'FOUR' that dealt with a premise of rape victims sitting together in a room when a new victim arrives.

"And yesterday, a film named Devi was uploaded to LargeShortFilms's YouTube channel that has heavy resemblance and the premise is also of the film we made," Rai said.

He said it is "ruthless" on the part of Devi makers to claim his work as theirs.

"Our film was a student (film) with very little production design, bad audio and stuff, but still it's a child of our own imagination and it's ruthless how anyone can just pick up a piece of thought and claim it to be theirs.

"The film is an intellectual property of the Asian Academy of Film & Television. one has contacted him regarding any kind of query. Now, I have not been contacted by large short films or the makers of the film regarding any kind of query," he claimed.

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