Kangana Ranaut Gives A Strong Reply To The Baazaar Director For Calling Her 'Waste Of Oxygen'

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut Urges People To Start Living Responsibly And Says, COVID Is Wake Up Call


Bollywood's ace actress Kangana Ranaut is an avid social media. She keeps on treating her fans with her frequent updates and also speaks up on the...

Bollywood's ace actress Kangana Ranaut is an avid social media. She keeps on treating her fans with her frequent updates and also speaks up on the treading issues. Off late, she once again created awareness among her fans about the Covid-19 pandemic and urged her fans to plant trees and also suggested the ways to increase the levels of oxygen. But she got a shot back reply from the Baazaar director Gauravv K Chawla.

She wrote, "Meanwhile stupid doctors also asking patients to plant trees, just like me, how lame!! Please go on,cut them all and next time if you need oxygen cylinders go after Prime Minister,your endless breeding,your lungs,your lack of common sense all his fault".

"Anybody who is feeling low levels of oxygen do try this please. Planting trees is the permanent solution, if you can't then don't cut them either, recycle your clothes, eat Vedic diet, live organic life, this is a temporary solution, for now this should help, Jai Shri Ram"

Well, Gauravv replied to the post jotting down, "Such a waste of oxygen!"

Then Kangana also gave a strong counter writing, "People like you think milk comes from packets ha ha what a dimwit, oxygen cylinder's oxygen also derived from trees also if you have less pollution in the air you r likely to have healthier lungs to absorb good percentage of that oxygen,anyway ignorance is bliss, live in bliss."

Well, Kangana also trolled the netizens to came up with resign Modi ji tag.

She wrote, "Modi ji does not know how to lead, Kangana does not know how to act, Sachin does not know how to bat, Lata ji does not know how to sing, magar these chindi trolls know everything, please #Resign_PM_Modi ji and make one of these Vishnu avatar trolls next Prime Minister of India".

Kangana's another tweet regarding oxygen, "If you care to know then know the facts,not easy to handle this over populated, illiterate, poor and hugely complex nation, everyone is doing their best we have a lot to be grateful for yet loss is inevitable, the one who is always there for you don't make him your punching bag".

She also retweeted an article about Modi ji and wrote, "Whole world is showing empathy and respect to India, it is because of our leader and his great leadership, don't take anything for guaranteed and be a poisonous ungrateful reptile who instead of fighting Covid fighting that great leadership and bitterly abusing him…".

This tweet reads, "All Librus snorted their favourite powder and locked themselves in their toilets,one joke on them and look what they did,everyday many jokes, memes,cartoons, abuses and bullying Modi ji faces,while taking care of this nation like his own family,yet all he gets is #Resign_PM_Modi".

This tweet reads, "Jisko apna kaam aata hai, woh apni itni paid promotions nahi karta .... Delhi for free bijli paani you lost so many lives... wake up and rise".

Today being the Hanuman Jayanthi, Kangana also shared the image of Lord Hanuman on her Twitter and extended her wishes to her fans.

This tweet reads, "हनुमान जी बारहवें रुद्र/शिव अवतार थे,अपने इस अवतार में उन्होंने भक्त के रूप में जन्म लिया, बाल ब्रह्मचारी हनुमान जी एक दिन सूरज को निगल गए उस दिन उन्हें श्राप मिला वो अपनी सारी शक्तियाँ भूल जाएँगे, अगर उन्हें कोई याद दिलाए तो ही उन्हें याद आएगा, आपके आस पास के लोग 1/2


She further continued, "जो हताश हों चुके है, निराश हो चुके हैं, भयभीत हैं उन्हें उनकी शक्तियों के बारे में याद दिलाएँ Folded hands सबको हनुमान जयंती की शुभकामनाएँ , जय श्री राम ( हनुमान जी का कहना है मैं राम नाम में वास करता हूँ, जहां राम नाम वहाँ मैं ) #HanumanJayanti #Hanuman #हनुमानजयंती #हनुमान".

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