‘Harom Hara’ review: Well-crafted, worth watching

‘Harom Hara’ review: Well-crafted, worth watching

Sudheer Babu, after multiple efforts to grab a hit is coming with "Harom Hara" in a compelling role. Directed by Vamsi Jonnalagadda with a keen eye...

Sudheer Babu, after multiple efforts to grab a hit is coming with "Harom Hara" in a compelling role. Directed by Vamsi Jonnalagadda with a keen eye for detail, the film explores the gritty reality of an illicit gun manufacturing business and its impact on a small hamlet. As the film hits theatres, let’s see how it fares at box-office.


The story centers on Subramaniyam (Sudheer Babu), a determined yet emotionally fragile man, who aims to transform his illegal gun manufacturing enterprise into a thriving business. As his venture begins to flourish, he turns the impoverished hamlet's population into his extended family. The film's core conflict arises from the characters Subramaniyam chooses to oppose.


Sudheer Babu delivers a noteworthy performance as Subramaniyam, handling a mass-heavy role typically reserved for Tier 1 stars with subtlety and finesse. He shines in violent sequences and excels in emotional moments, particularly those with his father. The mass speech block in the second half, though lacking the intended impact, showcases his dedication and talent.

Malvika Sharma, as the female lead, looks good on screen but her portrayal is somewhat lackluster. Sunil, as Palani Swamy, brings depth to his character with a hesitant demeanor and authentic Chittoor dialect, enhancing the film significantly. The supporting cast delivers solid performances. Lakki Lakshman and Akshara Gowda, though limited by their roles, contribute effectively.


The technical aspects of "Harom Hara" are impressive. Music director Chaitan Bharadwaj's excellent background score stands out, providing a strong foundation for the film. Director Vamsi Jonnalagadda has effectively brought a gritty, emotional story to life, making the film worth watching.

Art director A Ramanjaneyulu and Director of Photography Arvind Viswanathan collaborate to create a visually rich and technically sound presentation. Raviteja Girijala's editing is sharp, maintaining a good pace throughout the film. The production quality from Sree Subrahmanyeshwara Cinemas is top-notch, despite some inconsistencies in the fire shots during the climax.


"Harom Hara" is a bold venture that successfully combines a gripping storyline with strong performances and technical brilliance. Sudheer Babu's portrayal of Subramaniyam is a highlight, demonstrating his versatility and commitment as an actor. While the film has moments where the intended mass impact is absent, it remains a compelling watch due to its well-crafted narrative and high production values. On a whole, the remarkable action sequences makes “Harom Hara” worth watching this weekend.

Rating: 3/5

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