Birthday Special: Movies to binge watch onTom Hanks'birthday

Birthday Special: Movies to binge watch onTom Hanksbirthday

Birthday Special: Movies to binge watch on Tom Hanks’birthday


We’ve become complacent with Tom Hanks. The 63-year-old is one of our -loved actors, a star of unparalleled humanity, but one who we have a tendency to forget about.

We've become complacent with Tom Hanks. The 63-year-old is one of our -loved actors, a star of unparalleled humanity, but one who we have a tendency to forget about. It's a megastar paradox – that someone so consistently spectacular becomes almost like Hollywood wallpaper. From Golden Globes to Oscars and even the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Hanks is an award show mainstay of Hollywood. As Sony PIX celebrates his 64th Birthday, let' shave a look at some of the most amazing roles played by the actor.

1. Sully

Sully is a tale of quiet, unfussy and highly trained professionals doing their jobs in the most challenging circumstances imaginable. Hanks surely deserves to be applauded for his performance. This isn't just a case of playing another all-American hero. Hanks convinces the audience of Captain Sully's quick-thinking efficiency and bravery as a pilot but also shows his character's inner doubts. As captain Sully is coming to the end of his career, there's an obstinacy verging on arrogance about his confidence in his own abilities. Catch the movie only on Sony PIX.

2. Forrest Gump

Few people had read the novel Forrest Gump when Robert Zemeckis adapted it for the screen in 1994. That was probably a good thing because most people walked into the theatre having no or little expectation. What they saw was the story of a sweet and simple man that finds himself at the centre of some of the most crucial events in the second half of the 20th century. He fights in Vietnam, unwittingly causes Watergate, meets three Presidents and coins the phrase "shit happens." It's easy to sneer at Forrest Gump – its emotional quotient is extreme, its politics are troublesome, and you could spend hours poking at its various flaws. However, if you can watch it and remain entirely adamant by Forrest's triumphs and tragedies, the loss is entirely yours. The movie absolutely killed it at the Oscars, winning Hanks his second consecutive Best Actor award.

3. Inferno

People were astonished when Tom Hanks came on screen in his third role as Harvard symbologist Dr Robert Langdon in Inferno after there were talks about him getting old. The nonstop drama is unavoidable to appreciate how Langdon ends up teaming up with Sierra Brooks, to protect the world from The Consortium. You can watch Inferno only on Sony PIX.

4. The Green Mile

Based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, The Green Mile tells the fantastical story of a group of Death Row guards who encounter a man with supernatural abilities. Convicted of raping and murdering two young girls, John Coffey played by Michael Clarke Duncan is hiding more than his powers as the plot unfolds with Hanks leading as Paul Edgecomb, the officer in charge of Death Row. The movie is an emotional tale that was nominated for four Academy Awards and was directed by Frank Darabont.

5. Saving Private Ryan

Movies, TV specials and books about World War II are not exactly uncommon, making it hard to stand out in this genre, but Saving Private Ryan and especially Hanks' performance in the grim, gory film somehow resonated with the audiences in a new way. Saving Private Ryan is a powerful experience. This film embodies ideas. After the immediate experience begins to fade, the implications remain and grow. The horror of battle is given visceral power in Steven Spielberg's dazzling fusion of audacity, action and human drama. The military men bestowed the Distinguished Public Service Award to Tom on Veteran's Day in 1999 alongside Steven Spielberg for their work on Saving Private Ryan.

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