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Dancer and Choreographer Paul Marshal

Dancer and Choreographer Paul Marshal 


Choreographer Paul Marshal who is currently seen in ‘Dance Deewane’ season 3 and has been part of many reality shows like ‘DID’, ‘Dance Plus’, ‘Nach Baliye’, ‘India’s Got Talent’ and has choreographed in ‘ABCD 2’ and ‘Beat Pe Booty (Flying Jatt)’

Dancer and Choreographer Paul Marshal who has been part of many reality shows like 'DID', 'Dance Plus', 'Nach Baliye', 'India's Got Talent' and has choreographed in 'ABCD 2' and 'Beat Pe Booty (Flying Jatt)' is currently seen in 'Dance Deewane' season 3. He has always impressed the judges with his mesmerizing choreography and dance moves in the reality shows he participated.

Paul shares, "I'm known even to some people because of my choreography and my passion for dance. My art has nurtured me and I'm so satisfied that I could afford to buy a house in Mumbai. My mother's chest fills with pride looking up to me as I've come so far following my passion. Though, there were innumerable ups and downs throughout but the journey was beautiful and worth remembering and cherishing."

Paul shares that all forms of body movements and flows are called as 'Dancing'. Every dance form has an exceptional definition and expression to it. And it's free to choose which dance form an individual wants to go with. It's not at all true that classical dancing shouldn't be promoted professionally or commercially. I've so many friends of mine who are professional in Classical dancing and excelling in life.

He adds, "I personally love to do 'lyrical Hiphop' and love to watch 'Kathak'. There are so many good dancer actors in Bollywood starting with Prabhudeva sir, but I really want to choreograph Ishaan Khatter. Choreographing in realities is similar to that of Bollywood songs, yet the final execution is quite different. In reality shows dancers are choreographed whereas in movies actors are choreographed who might not be good dancers but good performers. Adding to it, reality shows have a fixed set to perform but unlike them for movies you get to plan and choose a location or build a new set according to your ideas. Plus, the grandeur of a movie song also depends on the budget of the song. And so on there are many ways in which reality show choreography is different from movie song choreography."

Paul suggests that the most crucial root is to understand and realise what you actually want to do, which will bring happiness to you and you'll never get tired of. Be it any field always look forward to opportunities and not at all settle for little. Plan a road map of your journey towards it. Then start hustle-bustle to accomplish your dreams. Don't choose any field out of impression of someone else becoming famous out of it so you too shall.

"As a dancer, I used to admire all good dancers I came across and tried to learn as much as possible from them. Later, I tried choreographing on my own with my own thoughts to it. It is challenging yet gives a jubilant feeling to come up with a fresh choreography on every new reality show. And I'm grateful for my team who helped me throughout my journey," ends Paul.

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