‘Market Mahalakshmi’ review: Blends humour and heartfelt moments

‘Market Mahalakshmi’ review: Blends humour and heartfelt moments

Starring Parvateesam and Praneekaanvikaa, 'Market Mahalakshmi' from B2P Studios, helmed by VS Mukkhesh, boasts a unique concept.

Starring Parvateesam and Praneekaanvikaa, 'Market Mahalakshmi' from B2P Studios, helmed by VS Mukkhesh, boasts a unique concept. Produced by Akhilesh Kalaru, the film's promotional content garnered praise. The promotional content created required buzz regarding the film. The film had premieres today and is all set to hit theatres tomorrow, let’s see how it fares at box-office.


In "Market Mahalakshmi," Kedar Shankar, a government office clerk, meticulously plans his son Parvateesam's future, aiming for a marriage that promises substantial dowry to recoup expenses. However, Parvateesam defies his father's wishes by falling in love with Mahalakshmi, a market vegetable seller. Mahalakshmi, burdened with familial responsibilities due to her father's paralysis and her brother's alcoholism, has little faith in love. As a rebel, she prioritizes her family over romantic pursuits. Parvateesam's dilemma unfolds as he grapples with choosing between his father's expectations and his own heart's desires. The story promises to unravel new twists in the second half, leaving audiences curious about the outcome of Parvateesam's quest to win Mahalakshmi's affection and whether he will defy his father's plans to marry the girl he loves.


Parvateesam delivers a commendable performance, arguably his best to date, resonating well with Telugu audiences. Praneekanvika shines as Mahalakshmi, infusing her character with vibrancy and depth. MukkuAvinash leaves a mark despite limited screen time, while MahaboobBasha's portrayal of the heroine's brother brings shades reminiscent of young Taagubothu Ramesh. Pooja Vishweshwar's portrayal adds memorable nuances to her market character. Supporting actors like Harshavardhan, Kedar Shankar, Jaya, and Padma also contribute decent performances, enhancing the overall narrative.


Director Mukkhesh, renowned for his extensive experience in crafting over 200 short films, achieved the remarkable feat of wrapping up the film's shoot in just 26 days, delivering a quality production in terms of both writing and execution. Surendra Chilumula's cinematography stands out for its commendable work, capturing the essence of the narrative effectively. Joe Emnav's music, particularly the "Software Poraga" song, leaves a notable impression, while SrujanaSashanka's background score elevates the film's impact. Producer Akhilesh Kalaru, known for his penchant for nurturing newcomers, demonstrates his unwavering commitment to cinema through this project, evident in the impressive production values showcased throughout the film.


While the title 'Market Mahalakshmi' might hint at a female-centric narrative, the film delves deep into timeless family values. Director Mukkhesh draws inspiration from real-life anecdotes, crafting a storyline centered on a protagonist's quest for a partner who embodies independence over wealth. Though the narrative occasionally stretches, Mukkhesh effectively communicates his themes, underscored by witty dialogue and comedic relief. Senior artist Harsha Vardhan's portrayal adds depth to the hero's journey, enriching the storytelling experience. Despite a slow start, the second half captivates audiences with its blend of humor and heartfelt moments, making 'Market Mahalakshmi' a delightful cinematic experience best enjoyed on the big screen.

Rating: 2.75/5

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