Youtuber Harsha Sai to make debut with ‘Mega’

Youtuber Harsha Sai to make debut with ‘Mega’

Popular YouTuber, and philanthropist Harsha Sai who has millions of followers on social media is making his big screen debut with a film being made at a Pan India level.

Popular YouTuber, and philanthropist Harsha Sai who has millions of followers on social media is making his big screen debut with a film being made at a Pan India level. Written and directed by Harsha Sai himself, the film is produced by Mitraaw under the banner of Shree Pictures. Mitraaw is also the heroine of the movie. Padavala Balachandra is the co-producer, while Kalvakuntla Vamshidhar Rao presents the film.

Today, the makers hold a press meet to announce the film’s title through a teaser. This Pan India movie is mounted on a big scale and is titled interestingly, Mega with a tagline- Lo Don. The teaser introduces us to the premise of the movie. The teaser begins with a doctor explaining to his driver how hazardous a massive bell hanging there is. The protagonist was tied with ropes with a massive crowd around him.

If a person is tied and hung upside down and when the bell rings, he will die of brain injury. But the protagonist never admits defeat. Comparing the hero to a whale, it is said that he has the force of 100 lions. He is introduced as Mega Lo Don. The story is about a kingly man who shakes a sea full of monsters. His intelligence is immense.

Harsha Sai is given enough elevations in the teaser and we can assume the power of the character through it. The youngster makes a great impression on his debut. The person who takes up the task of killing the protagonist appears like an alien. Overall, the teaser blows our minds for the concept and presentation.

While speaking at the teaser launch event, co-producer Balachandra said, “We thank CM KCR’s brother’s son Kalvakuntla Vamshidhar Rao garu for launching the teaser. I would like to thank my entire team for all the support.”

Producer Mitraaw said, “This wouldn’t have happened without the support of Kalvakuntla Shashidhar Rao garu. I learned a lot during the making of this movie. It started as a small idea. But the scale increased as it was developed into a full script. We got the opportunity to work with DOP Karthik Palani who worked for Adipurush. We’re blessed enough to have such a brilliant technical team. It’s a fortunate thing for Shree Pictures to present your real hero Harsha Sai as a reel hero. I wish he would win your hearts with the movie.”

Hero and director Harsha Sai said, “When I started from the hotel, a person asked me to show the teaser before its launch. After watching the teaser, he asked me why I chose cinema. We can’t remember the lessons we studied in school. But we always remember the stories we heard and the movies we watched in childhood. Human brains are designed to remember stories, nothing else. The biggest medium at present to narrate stories is cinema. That’s the reason for me to choose the cinema. We’re using this medium to interact with people. It started one year ago. An individual told me that I would earn more money if I could make successful movies. It’s true. If I want to give more, I need more money. The other reason for me to do movies is to encourage and young talent. I hope you all liked the title teaser. Karthik Palani’s cinematography and Anji master’s fights are exceptional.”

arthik Palani handles the cinematography, while Vikas Badisa scores the music for this high-budget entertainer which will arrive in cinemas in 2024.

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