Modi's message could have been more hard-hitting

Modi’s message could have been more hard-hitting

Modi’s message could have been more hard-hitting


Greetings to fellow citizens, for over four months the global community has been in the fight against Corona virus

'Greetings to fellow citizens, for over four months the global community has been in the fight against Corona virus. During this period more than 42 lakh people across the world have been infected with Corona. More than 2.75 lakh people have died tragically. In India too, people have lost their near and dear ones. I express my heartfelt condolences to all.

Friends, a virus has destroyed the world. Crores of people around the world are facing a crisis. World all over is engaged in a battle to save precious lives. We have never seen or heard of such a crisis. This crisis is unthinkable as well as unprecedented for mankind.

We have to remain vigilant, closely monitor it, follow the rules of engagement in such a war, save ourselves and move ahead. Today, when the world is in crisis, we must strengthen our resolve. Our great resolve will help overcome this crisis' was what the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during his address to the nation on Tuesday.

He praised the people for fighting the pandemic last year to date. Normally PM's address is heard with rapt attention because he is known to be a person who speaks out his heart and does not mince words. But this time it appeared more like a news story in a newspaper where the past is recalled as padding material to make the news story interesting and informative.

Well it is a fact that once the Corona virus struck the nation, there was near panic situation and people became hyper responsive and took extreme measures to prevent themselves from getting affected by the virus. But from December 2020 they started behaving as if Corona had disappeared. They had given up all health protocols including using of masks and social distancing. They became bolder with rolling out of vaccine though they were apprehensive about getting the jab in the initial stages and were busier turning into self-proclaimed experts giving opinion on the efficacy of Covaxin and Covishield.

PM's reference to how open defecation programme had an impact on the image of the world, be it TB, malnutrition, polio or how India's campaigns influenced the world or the initiative of International Yoga Day is India's gift to relieve stress and how Indian medicines have given a fresh lease of life to the people in different parts of the world seemed to be little out of place.

It would have been more pertinent if the Modi ji had referred to the mistake of lowering of guard by the people and told them that "look second wave is your making." But then he perhaps felt that the politicians also need to take the blame as they have been holding public meetings and mobilising people in large numbers ignoring the WHO directions on COVID-19.

Still, if the PM had called a spade a spade instead of trying to say that you people fought valiantly and continue to fight, a clear message would have gone across the country as to how irresponsible we the citizens are. He should have admitted that the political executive too had shown laxity in recognising that second wave had set in and had failed to take early measures to contain the rapid spread of the virus.

If States had learnt lessons from 2020 experience, they would not have faced the problems of beds and oxygen now. Claims by respective governments on state of preparedness is far from ground realities but politicians being what they are will never accept it. Another misfortune is that while pointing out the omissions and commissions of the government, the opposition parties do not show even a semblance of responsibility. They never come up with alternative proposals. Let's hope some wisdom will dawn on the political parties and leaders.

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