Something is not right with AP govt

Something is not right with AP govt

Andhra Pradesh has been in news and mired in controversies for the last eight months despite the fact the YSRCP government after coming to power had...

Andhra Pradesh has been in news and mired in controversies for the last eight months despite the fact the YSRCP government after coming to power had ensured implementation of its 'Navaratnalu', the nine promises it made to the people in its manifesto in the shortest possible time.

It had taken all measures to implement its promise to offer Rs 50,000 financial assistance to farmers in addition to zero-interest loans and free borewells. Cold storages and food processing units in every constituency.

Amma Vodi, a scheme to give Rs 15,000 to the female member of the family so that she can spend the money on the education of her child, education in English medium, Arogyasri scheme for all medical treatments of above Rs 1,000 regardless of location of the hospital, ban on sale of alcohol across the State in three stages are among the promises made before the elections.

Also YSR Asara under which all loans pertaining to the women's co-operative societies would be waived. In addition, zero-interest loans to be given. All these are appreciable. But then the fact remains that somewhere the administration is going off track. For the last eight months, there has been more an atmosphere of confusion among the common man and investors. The government it appears is yet to settle down firmly.

Maybe it will happen once it shifts the executive capital to Visakhapatnam by Ugadi. But for the present, the sailing is not so smooth. Majority of the time it appears is being invested in slugfest between the ruling party members and the Opposition while the economy of the State continues to be limping. Some statements by some Ministers are also adding to the confusion in the State. For example, Transport Minister Perni Nani said that the employees should not fleece anyone for money.

That will not be tolerated. Yes, it is a very good statement. One certainly would wish that such a situation begins at least in Andhra Pradesh so that it can be a role model for the country. But the next sentence he used that there is nothing wrong if the employees take gifts is what has raised many an eyebrow. Gift means what, why and how? Is it not another form of bribe? Why should a citizen offer any gift to an employee?

Are the employees not paid to work? Are they not public servants? The very idea of a citizen giving gift to an employee is condemnable. The statement, 'can take gifts' reminds me of the popular dialogue by the late legendary film actor Allu Ramalingaiah who calls bribe as 'Amyamya'.

This word has become an instant hit and even today another name for bribe is known as amyamaya. The Minister's intention certainly is not to encourage bribe or corruption. But the way he said that gifts can be taken if anyone gives voluntarily gives scope for misunderstanding among the common man.

Another controversy that had rocked the State for couple of days was the report by Reuters saying that Kia motors is contemplating to move out of Andhra Pradesh. It took three days for hammering the fact that it will not move out.

But the unfortunate aspect here was that the ruling party members alleged that it was conspiracy by the "Yellow Media". One fails to understand since when Reuters whom all quote had become part of Yellow Media. It would be advisable if the politician's think twice before making any statement.

Words are like bullets which cannot be retrieved once fired. Its time politicians take a leaf out of old time leaders like Atal Behari Vajpayee, L K Advani, Indira Gandhi, Jaipal Reddy, Puchallapalli Sundaraiah, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Abdul Kalam etc and measure their words.

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